"Forest King" as written by and Cameron Todd/hooper Pipes....
Knee deep in the dead of their kind
they carry on without seeming to mind
feed off their flesh, larger they grow
perserve through ice, wind and snow

When metal beasts come crashing through the under brush
through old majestic growth
to defend itself the forest will come to life
encroachment against humanity, running root breaking stone

Rise up
feed off the dead
towering giants fiill you with dread
avenge the axe, avenge the blade

Cleansing all the parasites
a green shadow cast upon the world
pushed to the brink the trees reclaim what is theirs
collaspe tall buildings for the survival of their kind

Rise up
feed off the dead
towering giants fiill you with dread
avenge the axe, avenge the blade

Payments coming for every cut that you've made
feed off the dead, fill you with dread
Payments coming
above their heads shine the stars of the night
rising up to the dark through the light
mighty giants, standing arm to arm
warriors march forward, sound the alarm

Rise up

Born of the earth, more armies advance
the forest king will reign

Overtaking cities with branches they ensnare
pushing the human race back a million years
the earth grows quiet all plant life will dominate again
when every structure falls you'll know the forest is king

Rise up
feed off the dead
towering giants fiill you with dread
avenge the axe, avenge the blade

Feed off the dead, Fill you with dread,
Payment's coming

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    General CommentIf any of your play Warcraft, I can see this song being about Cenarius and his druids.

    And if not...just take it at surface value: The world's plant life taking back the Earth from those who wrongly took it from them.
    DarthBelchon December 16, 2007   Link
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    General Commentfor me what this song is about would be the logging industry as the "metal beasts" or whatever machines are used to log, go through and chop down all the trees, old and young.
    The trees also try to fight back as we know the roots make their way and can destroy rock, and walls. Also the roots "feed off the dead" as they return to the earth and the roots nurish from them.
    the "green shadow" are forests that are trying to reclaim what they had but we destroyed and now they are going to come back.
    and when they do "when every structure falls you'll know the forest is king." and our payment is our demise.
    So all in all this song is about the war between the industrial world (humans) vs the forest. and for refering it to warcraft, and lord of the rings... i dont have anything to say, just that it is a rediculous comment.
    buzzboyproon October 24, 2008   Link
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    General Commenthaha I doubt they wrote this about logging industries, "metal beast" just sounds bad-ass as fuck.
    GoAlienon April 24, 2009   Link
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    General CommentIt's not about WoW, it's about Lord of the Rings, the source for all things MMO and fantasy related.

    lineman63on May 15, 2008   Link

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