"Fool For A Lonesome Train" as written by Leon Mobley, Ben Harper, Juan Nelson, Oliver Charles, Michael Ward and Jason Yates....
It's late and I can't sleep
I've made promises I can't keep
Cobblestones and broken bones
Has a kingdom but he's got
No home
Last night is still ringin' in my head
Like that lonesome whistle in
The rain

I'm a fool for a lonesome train

The lifetimes we've left behind
With strangers
Promises and lies both have
Their dangers
I just can't be wrong enough
And I can't hide for long enough
So far away but I still feel
Your pain

I'm a fool for a lonesome train
I'd try to say good-bye
But I never got your name
I'm a fool for a lonesome train

I'm a fool for a lonesome train
I'm your fool for a lonesome train
I know it sounds crazy but I'm
Painfully sane
I'm your fool for a lonesome train

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"Fool for a Lonesome Train" as written by Jason Conrad Yates Ben C Harper


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    General CommentThe second to last line of this song should be "I know it sounds crazy, but I'm painfully sane."

    Which, I just happen to think, is one of the best lines of this song. I think this song can be interpreted several different ways. But to me, it's about someone who just can't fully commit to anyone..goes thru life having superficial relationships - "the lifetimes we've left behind with strangers.." And now they are reflecting on those relationships with remorse. Wondering about all the "what-if's" of his past.
    And he can't find closure, because there was no explination for his actions "I try to say goodbye, but I never got your name.."
    ann429on August 31, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI really love this song - its so bittersweet. Also the guitar and harmonica throughout it definitely remind me of neil young
    aquariusdreamon October 14, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThis is one of my top 5 favorite Ben Harper songs. The meaning of it to me varies when I hear it.

    By that I mean sometimes I think when he says he's a fool for a lonesome train he means at a certain point in each of his relationships, he leaves to pursue something else which puts him alone. He is basically choosing to leave the relationship when it gets deep, like he is scared of getting past a certain emotional or commitment point in a relationship. "I've made promises that I can't keep" meaning he tells the girls he wants it to last forever, but it's eating at his conscious because he knows he won't let it last.

    Then sometimes (because this is more personal to me) I think it means when he sees a person alone that is a "diamond in the rough", he pursues them. Then once that girl is better, he moves on to the next person to help, rather than just finding someone that doesn't need the help. In this interpretation I believe "Lonely Train" to mean someone that needs his help, someone that hasn't really figured relationships or life in general out. I know this probably has nothing to do with why he wrote it, but sometimes the personal meaning a song takes to an individual is as important as the original purpose of that song.

    aquariusdream - I agree about the Neil Young sound, I thought of it the first time I heard the song.
    pacstechon August 17, 2009   Link

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