"An Undesired Reunion" as written by and Jordan Robert/miller Whelan....

Hello, it's been another two years now
Since they've put you away
Seasons come and seasons go
As we cross our paths alone
And I just want you to know..

I hope you disappear again
Words from now a stronger man
Be sure this time you stay away
From all the beauty of today

Oh, how we keep meeting like this
Just like when I was a child
Weeks and months and years go by
As I was waiting here
And you still can't hold yourself together…no

I hope you disappear again
Words from now a stronger man
The thought of running away from you
Something that I've got to do

[I hope you disappear again]

The things you put before my eyes
Nothing but the darkest lies

I hope you disappear again
Words from now a stronger man.

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An Undesired Reunion song meanings
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    General Commentno-ones commented on this yet :O

    the song seems to aimed at someone in his past who has let him down so many times & just keeps coming back into his life only to leave him stranded once again.
    i can feel the emotion & anger in this song, it's awesome :)
    Jeppson87on December 07, 2007   Link
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    General Commentit could be an emotion that he used to face and is starting to face again, or maybe it's about a person
    fr33z3dryon July 26, 2008   Link
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    General Commenti believe this song is about his mother, i once read in a magazine an interview with T.J Miller, he said about the childhood he had and about his mother having drug problems the line "you still can't hold yourself together" may be refering to this also he mentioned that he walked in one day and saw alot of things in that room that "a little fella shouldnt see" hence the line "the things you put before my eyes"... this may not be the meaning behind the song but to me its a reasonable one.

    personally i love this song, just like jepson said its full of emotion and power, a very bitter and personal song
    OMGZitsDanon August 18, 2008   Link
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    General CommentAwesome, personal song. At first glance it sounded like he was talking about a girlfriend he had in the past that he had to give up who made him sin and it is possible it could be about that, but Dan's description i think is better considering the magazine interview. That would explain the first line well since they won't "put you away" (I'm thinking jail?) for being a bad girlfriend but they would for drugs. However, I don't get the line, "Be sure this time you stay away, from all the beauty of today" because you would think that he would want his mother to get over her drug issue and see today's beauty without her problem.
    adrenalinerushon April 01, 2011   Link

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