"Graftin'" as written by and Dylan Kwabena Mills....
So what you thinkin' 'bout London city now aye, who dya city love
[Background] West London, South London
I'm the London hustler a golden grind, grind. Young hustlers we graft all the time dawn or dark
Non stop UK walk

Yo as a hustler in the city before I came to stack Lord knows I got the devil on ma back so call
When I gotta stay on track dog e god and I'll stay if you like in the LD and what I done to attract
Calm that I can show you where its at first things first get a block n a flat next up get a black
Hoodie n a hat livin' in the big brothers camera view givin' my axe to the boys in blue. straight 5
Years gettin' caught that's you, sittin' in the cell still wonderin' who don't keep quiet n keep it on
A diet ask you're self wot bout Steve *** not Stu. pissed off with not a lot to do and the word on the
Street don't ever seem new and resistin' arrest don't even seem true endless heart who do you believe
N will it ever relieve the lonliness lets see if you remain convinced on my you know what the
Streets are like a few more words a couple more rages other than that not a lot else changes

Sky looks green
London city wish they graftin' 'cause were gritty
*hustle hustle hustle, hustle hustle hustle 'cause there means
Sky looks green
London city wish they graftin 'cause were gritty

I used to roll your money up against the wall whenever I played hopscotch, well I'm clinical
Parkin' life 'cause I'm back in the white mans cotch I'm bein' doin' this since papa ? I don't want any
Boy in my face invadin' my space or bring on star and watch!
I'll end your hours on the clock I'll end your days you'll think I'm crazed when I give you big black
Clock end you're sentence...full stop.
Now what you gonna say about gats I kno you're platinum or not you're fought all you're rhymes on spot but
I'm probably everythin' that you're not. you're totally mad you've lost the plot do you even consider gettin'
Me gone carried off to a hospital like a shot ontop of a table ? I'll dictate n relagate who's
Heavyweight I'm king on the ring make music instinct you kno I do everythiiin.


Damn right yeh
Young hustlers london city stand up
Ama show you its gritty out ere
Ye man serious...
You beta know you betta understand
Its Dizzee Rascal SOLO
Everyone stand up
Dizzee Rascal GIZZA BELL!
I swear to you...

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"Graftin'" as written by Dylan Kwabena Mills

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