No more lies no more hammerhead lies
No more lies no more featherbed lies
No more lies
No more hammerhead featherbed lies
No more lies
No more turnscrew turns of the screw
No more lockout lockjaw lockdoor lies
No more silent slapface silent lies
No more lies no more deadleg fireiron fibs
No more lies
No more livebait fatworm sweet talk
No more crawlhole hideyhole easy hypocrisy
No more maimed and twisted
mismatched fantasy
No more cut‘n’dried lies
No more clatter of lies
No more chattering blockbrain
Blockdrain lies
No more lies

No more dayglo coldwar chainsaw lies
No more hot air radioactive half lies
No more wall-to-wall alibi carpeted stories
No more lies no more silverlined promises
No more gold leaf wafer thin lies
No more spiderweb ninelife two-time tricks
No more rabbits paw good luck
one-For-The-Road lies
No more just-for-my-own-good
Idiot secrets
No more lies

No more uptight downtown good old whitewash
No more clampdown clench teeth
rat’s-nest pipe dreams
No more tight-arsed priest-hole dumbwaiter lies
Pinchpenny miser-mean sting-stingy half truths
Swallow down tightthroat tightrope lies
No more knock-kneed yellowbellied lies
Prettypaint lipsticker gumdown thicktongue
Paralyzed lies
No more trickles of truth
No more tongue-twister brain-blister cut-throat lies
No more lies
No more blindfold mouthgagging lies
No more lies
No more button down butter up lies
No more pinprick kiss-me-quick lies
No more bedside manner bedtime lies

Give me a shocking din
And a babbling babble of fools
No more lies
No more bare faced lies

Naked my eyes, plain to see
Naked my lips, like we used to be

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