Ayo //
I don't give a fuck if you getting some cash, or getting some ass //
If I was there, I'd pick up the tab //
Toss you a rag, tell you to wipe your stinking ass //
Get back to the lab, make sure Hip-Hop lasts //
Do death before dishonor, I do this 'cause I wanna //
Your body armor don't protect you from your karma //
Ready for the encounter, like a titty-bar bouncer //
Or Muhammed in the Mini-Mart counter with four-pounders //
Quick-draw, McGraw spitter //
Let me see you hands jitter, I'll hit you where the good Lord split you //
You faggot ass niggas' is see-through //
I treat you like we in the same cell, but I'm Bugsy Segal //
Smack your teeth loose, for street juice //
Go to court in cheap-suits, giving testimony over beat-loops //
Take them to my hood, show the evil I'm from //
They can't blame me for the evil I've done, now they see why I run //
Why I keep a tight leash on the gun //
Why my speech is so revered by the young, 'cause my spirit is young //
A nigga spitting like that, got serious lungs //
Yo, I'm serious son, he a furious one //

Yo //
The name Benny Riley, the trip took twenty-eight days //
From New-York to Cali, driving through alleys //
My mom mad at me, my dad laughs at me //
My life's a tragedy, I need this record deal //
Precious, she got the freshest breasts' //
And an ass from heaven; thirty-six, twenty-four, thirty-seven //
She the second broad I ever humped under a bridge //
But she the first broad I ever fucked within the record 'biz //
Desi told her I was crazy, and she called the Feds //
The bitch didn't know any better; I let her live //
She don't know Desi is a greasy fucking pig //
And he set me up for something he knows I never did //
When I see him, I'ma put the Smith and Wesson to his head //
To change his outlook on life, maybe I'll show him what it's like to be dead //
Like the way I look at lyrics //
I kill it 'till they dead; it's that vivid //
Got skills to kill the rap business //
Got bills to put a contract on the witness if he rat-snitching //
Niggas' in the back, digging holes for your next acting role //
Get buried with your cash and gold //
Your assets sold, your family Marlon Brando broke //
Shattered hopes, rapper's joke, took it like a man though //
Benny Riley is the closest thing to Canibus yo //
Niggas' just don't be understanding his flow, until the hammer let go //
Grab the mic and cold damage the show //
Get split with bananas flows, at the Canibus Bowl //

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