When it’s hot it’s hot, When it’s hot it’s hot //
When it’s hot it’s hot, When it’s hot it’s hot //
When it’s hot it’s hot, When it’s hot it’s hot //
When it’s hot it’s hot, When it’s hot it’s hot //

Come here girl, give me a kiss //
Tell the truth, you know you like hanging with Can-I-Bis //
I know you can’t commit but at least try a sample //
Who knows, I might be too much man to handle //
If I’m attracted to you, Imma make a long pass at you //
Come after you and capture you //
Put a platinum GPS bangle around your ankle //
To keep track of you in case I decide to marry you //
We can be friends ‘til death do us part //
Kiss your left breast ‘cause it’s next to your heart //
Don’t be a mermaid, open up your legs //
If you can’t spread-eagle, just give me some head //
Whatever the outcome, I just want to cum //
Beat it up real good, bust one and run //
I believe in abstinence just not tonight //
I can’t help myself you look Hott Tonight //
Yeah //

Wild on C with Burke Brooke in the Ibiza //
Steamin’ like I’m dreamin’ on the couch with my feet up //
I’m not a playboy I’m a hustla, wait ‘til I touch her //
I’mma do something to get you burning for my Bunsen //
Clitoris rubbin’, sperm pumpin’, nerve numbin’, humpin’ in public //
The whole world could probably hear you cumin’ //
The way I grab your pumpkin, caress your dumplings //
You ain’t never leaving me girl so stop frontin’ //
You never wanted a ‘Yes man’ you wanted an Arabesque man //
With biceps and a chest imprint //
Not a skeleton with hardly any skin //
I know it’s irrelevant but his penis is probably very thin //
I’m hung like the trunk of an elephant //
Or the trunk of the tree the serpent wrapped around in Genesis //
With the same devilish malevolence //
Trying to get you to bite into the fruit I injected with sedatives //
How many orgasms have you had already? //
Let’s have a shag-a-thon, tell me when you pass twenty //
When I introduce you to Grand Marnier act friendly //
She’ll get envious if I ever rub your ass gently //
Tonight I’m being a pimp baby not an emcee //
Invite a couple of friends, I’ll reserve ten seats //
After we eat we can check a couple of spots tonight //
Give me kiss, you look Hott Tonight //

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