"Nutrition" as written by and Joseph Genaro Dean Sabatino....
Now my life is easy
My life ain't hard
I'm gonna spend all day
In my fuckin' backyard
I t'ain't got no money, hell, I don't care
My parents let me use their credit card

I've got nowhere to go
Just hang out on the street
My folks say I've got no ambition
At least I give a shit
About the stuff I eat
Yeah, I care about nutrition!

Tried to get a job at the retail store
But I could not stand the competition
Now I spend all my time hangin' out at the shore
Givin' myself a skin condition

I've got nowhere to go
'Cept movin' on my feet
People say I've got no ambition
At least I give a shit
About the stuff I eat
Yeah, I care about nutrition!

Sometimes I get upset when I see on the TV
All them people in this world that is starvin'
But there's nothin' in this world that could possibly bother me
When I smell the turkey Dad is carvin'

Boy, I'm starving
Christ, I'm starving!

My folks said I gotta get myself a job
'Cause they ain't gonna support me
Well, if all I am to them is just some lazy slob
Why didn't they abort me?

I guess I'll just hang out
On Broad and South
Livin' by my intuition
At least I give a shit
What I put into my mouth
Yeah, I care about nutrition!

It's good for me
I've got vitamin C
I care, I care, I care, I give a healthy shit
And Mom and Dad say if I eat all of my food
I can go to the hard core show and see F.O.D.

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"Nutrition" as written by Dean Sabatino David Schulthise


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    My InterpretationI have always considered Nutrition to be another one of the Dead Milkmens jabs at the straight edge lifestyle.
    A picture is painted of a heath conscious (as far as nutrition goes) yet otherwise unmotivated and unproductive person that wants to go to hardcore shows.
    pikearooon December 23, 2012   Link
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    General CommentGuy doesn't give a shit about anything in the world really, but he cares what goes in his body.

    and if he eats all his food he can go to the hardcore show and see F.O.D!
    NeverWason September 19, 2008   Link

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