He looked more like our fathers
Not a goalie, player, athlete period
Smoke, half-ash,
stuck in that permanent smirk.

Tugging jersey around the beer gut
I'm strictly a whiskey man
was one of the sticks he taped up
and gave to a nation of pudgy boys

Favorites from Plympton's list of
objects thrown by Rangers fans:
Soup cans, persimmon, eggs
a folding chair and a dead rabbit

The nervous breakdown of 68 and 69
after Pan Crap flights from LA
the expansion
a shrink told me to change occupations
I had to forget it

He swore he was never afraid of the puck
We believe him
If anyone asks,
the inscription should read
'My face was my mask.'

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    My InterpretationI think what they are trying to do is show a guy who didn't look like an athlete, just a normal guy. He endured much grief from fans in New York - thus "Favorites from Plympton's list of
    objects thrown by Rangers fans" - and a New York coach said he had a beer gut once. It didn't phase him and also he was one of the last goalies to play without a mask. Yet he had a mental breakdown from the fear of flying. He is quoted as saying "his face is his mask." In a way they are showing how we all have minor or major neuroses but we hide them behind a strong exterior we present to the public.
    rgwon August 23, 2009   Link
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    General CommentIt's about infamous Gump Worsley. One badass of a hockey player for the Rangers.

    Amazing song about an amazing hockey player.
    velvetpixiexon September 12, 2007   Link
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    General CommentPlympton is possibly referring to the infamous animator Bill Plympton (recognised by most for his numerous short animations).


    I think this because of the similarity of the objects thrown to those you'd find in standard cartoon violence.

    The objects mentioned here are probably frequently used in Bill's imaginative short animations.

    Does anyone know of another Plympton, possibly related to hockey or Gump Worsley? I looked on Gump's wiki page and found nothing so I think this is well founded.
    shortyttbon September 14, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI think it's more likely a reference to the journalist George Plimpton than it is to the animator.

    Having attended Harvard, Exeter, and Cambridge, it's kind of odd that he'd be evoked in a song about Gump at first blush. But in the early 80's, Plimpton trained as a goalie with the Boston Bruins, and went on to write a book entitled 'Open Net' recounting his experiences on the ice. I believe being pelted with soup, eggs, rabbits chairs and flowers are all mentioned in the book.

    jamezwhiteon September 23, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThis 'song' just proves that JSK is really a poet with a guitar. Much more interesting than a guitarist with some lyrics.
    andygishon April 11, 2008   Link

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