Yeah, this is Chamillionaire
Also known as the Mixtape Messiah
Houston, Texas, Color Changin' Click, Clack!

I'm the man the chief, look how I handle weak
Ass niggaz who thinkin' that they could have my streets
I'm wavin' my weaponry at a random sweep
Anybody that want it can get a can of beef
Why you kissin' and tellin' my lil spanish freak
She kissin' and tellin' me how to plan your sleep
If it's someone else's plan it's weak
It's a problem who gonna go handle it? (It's me)
Real niggaz be sayin' what type of man is he
Is the nigga a fraud? Nigga let me see
I know a nigga a lesser man than me
If he said to them instead of me
We been makin' some noise, but they don't ham to me
So the game is currently gon' depend on me
I'm the nigga that gave you a 50 jammin' street
If I bomb on the nigga, then I'ma fantal beef
Give a damn if I lose a couple fans a week
Cuz niggaz that's real is gonna stand with me
Give a damn if I lose a couple friends a week
Cuz I ride to the end and it'll end with me
And some pretend to be friends
But they just fakin' the feeling
You know he fakin', you fakin' it with him
And the nigga be thinkin' his fakin' is hittin'
Who the hell is makin' this niggin'
Feel like he ready to slander me
Like he ain't never gon' have to be
Dealin' with the Your Majesty
Chamillionaire yeah, I'm makin' a livin'
You fakin' a livin'
And I don't give a damn who's house you in
I bring the roof down like it's weights in the ceiling

Haha, yeah!
Chamillitary Mayne!
Respect the name, respect the game
Respect, yeah, already (Get him!)

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