hey you, fucking scenester diva
on junk fashion punk ex-believer
arty apathetic so pathetic i heart my scener
back-stander never-dancer way too cool for this band-er
sleight-of-hander over-stander looking down at us from grandeur
privileged and white just like the rest of us
without the desire to see the effects of this
why? you've got it made
punk rock gets you laid
you love the scene the scene alone
your friends are all just stepping stones
and as soon as you make it to the next crowd that's in
you'll fucking walk all over them
you're no different than those high school pricks
who beat us up because we dress like this
social mercenary ordinary alternative elite
vaguely invoking words like "autonomy"
you think it means your right to do whatever the fuck you want
no matter who gets hurt, no matter what the cost
some of us still want to fight but you've gotten over that
you laugh at what we try to make, you say be happy with what we have.
happy with nothing but a music scene full of rich white spoiled kids?
where no one looks out for their friends
and boys treat girls like shit?
happy with making out, crushes, and crushed pills?
this isn't middle school anymore.
happy to sit complacent while they start another war?
fuck no!
we won't give in or listen to their lies
we will never let them win, we see through your disguise
you're terrified and lonely, it's written in your eyes
you've forsaken your ideals cuz you've been hurt so many times
and you bought their myth of fences, cuz they told you you'd be safe
they sold you separation while you were shopping for escape
you're not free, you're only licensed
you're not good, you're well-behaved
they promised to solve your teenage crisis
with things that they taught you to crave
so if you're so lonely you feel sick
maybe you're not the one to blame
maybe they've got you where they want you
dreamless, hopeless, and the same
do you ever wonder why the saddest songs can make you feel alive?
is it because the words remind you you're not the only one who cries?
well it doesn't have to be like this
there's still time to turn around
we are waiting here to help you
tear those fences to the ground
and take you in with open arms
acknowledge histories
replace silence and ironic charm
with solidarity
we don't fault you for who you are or what you have become
it's not to late, we can repair the damage that's been done
we're building something different
i don't care what it's called
but it starts with two hands touching
through the cracks within the wall

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