baby you know it's hella hard for me to love a gangsta
(hard for u to love a gangsta)
your makin me full of misery and all this anger
(full of misery and anger)
I can never turn my cheek and call you a stranger
(turn my cheek and call you stranger)
baby you know it's hella hard for me to love a gangsta
(hard for you to love a gangsta)

verse 1:
time is in the winds slowly drifting apart
each and everyday's taking away my heart
'til there's nothin left but memories
fillin up inside like heavy rain
'til it opens up and drizzle down
thats when you'll understand my pain
out in the streets with my boys
we were ghetto ballin even if we unemployed
we all had it rough through the ghetto years
had plenty but wasn't that enough
caught up in your love
and you didn't even caught my bluff
drippin tears streamin down your eyes
left your heart, broken promise, lies
think about me in despise
we can wonder why
time change like everything
relationships rearrange
love is like our wealth
people willin to cheat
nothin strange you act 'round me
the cycle of peace
I wanna give you love
but never knew what it was
if I did I would part the clouds and let the sun shine
hold you tight and appreciate you for being mine


verse 2:
through gangbangin daddy I have never complained
I'd be half you as my man but your heart I could attain
but it's too late and now I'm in over my head
I'm prayin each day that you wont lie with the dead
but I'm in love with a gangsta that's the way that it go
down when you had money, I was down when you was broke
no matter situation I was there by your side
cryed and pushed and full of tears from my dark brown eyes
so what's it gonna take for you to open up to me
swallow your pride and spend some time with me
it's hard to love a gangsta I can clearly see
leave your boy fo' a day and tell me you needed me
it's 5 in the mornin and you still aint home
you out with your boys in the streets alone
somethin inside is tellin me that somethin might be wrong
im pagin, no message you aint pickin up your phone
what am I to do when I got a thug for a man?
there's so many things that it's hard to comprehend
I know I've always wanted a thug in my life
but this pain's inflicting me like a sharp knife


verse 3:
livin this life as a thug aint easy
hard to find a girl in this world to please me
so I give my soul to you
you give your soul to me
even though I'm never around
I'm always with the boys puttin it down
got you waitin, catchin kisses
I know it's hard to love a G
but even though I put you through all this misery
you still here waitin for me
and sometimes I wonder why
all the bullshit I got you through
have you feelin the blues
in you I'll still stay true
you never trip, never threw a fit
that's why I give you my heart girl
never find a lady like you in this world
you's my gangsta queen, I'm your king
you's my girl, you's my everything
my life's soul, life without you feels so cold
I'm just lettin you know I'm always gonna be right here
never leave your side so show no fear
you always show me that you care
that's why you my downass shorty for life
you's my girl, you's my shorty, you's my wife


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