"Sleeping Sleepers Sleep" as written by and John Baldwin Gourley....
Shave our heads strip our clothes
Burn them books but the mind still grows

We people, we're dangerous things
Sheltered mind, a fear of rings
Fear of time and missing links
We all once were, oh, we all once were
And I'll walk 'til my legs are broken

I was up walking and you were the shoes
Bored with the thoughts that you thought I could use
Islands were made of brick, stone, and shade
Where deaths only rest of laughable tunes

(It never ever rains if you never cry
Never have to mourn if you never die)

Feel your toes buried sand
Wide eyes roll and the legs, they stand

We're people, we're dangerous things
A sheltered mind, a fear of rings
Fear of time and missing links
We all once were, oh, we all once were
I was alseep until my eyes opened

We are made to be sewn
Bodies, lips, eyes: earth and regrown

We people, we're dangerous things
A sheltered mind, a fear of rings
Fear of time and missing links
We all once were, oh, we all once were
And I'll walk 'til my legs are broken

Bills sit about talking of people they've used
Born of new worlds that have fallen past due
Trusting in funding and finding a place
In wheel wells and homes and people like you
Films finding fair faces and lies
While ships bearing backs house glass teeth and eyes
Like the apartment of capable tunes
That bored with the thoughts that we thought it could use

It never ever rains if you never cry
Never have to mourn if you never die

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"Sleeping Sleepers Sleep" as written by John Baldwin Gourley

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    My Interpretationthis is what it means to me it might be a stretch, but i will try to analyze it my way.
    I think the title sleeping sleepers sleep is a perfect fit. i believe it is about society itself keeping us dumb down and ignorant "I was alseep until my eye opened". "Shave our heads Strip our clothes Burn them books." it list methods in society that are used to strip us of our individuality like aecter mentioned, but also to dumb us down so we are easily controlled and metaphorically speaking we are "sleeping", but i like the fact he says "but the mind still grows. We, people, are dangerous things" that no matter how you try to cage us and keep us asleep or brainwashed you can't control us. "i will walk until my legs are broken."

    "A sheltered mind with
    Fears of rings
    Fear of time
    And missing links
    We all once were"
    i believe this is a reference to religious betrayal of some sort
    a mind sheltered by the church feeding fear and deception of missing links suggesting we all once were something else just like sweatersdotcom said previously.
    "Bills sit about talking of people they've used
    Born of new worlds that have fallen past due"
    i think that statement about banks that have taken advantage of society and robbed us of our wealth to prepare us for new world order when in fact this "new world" has long since "fallen past due."
    "We are made to be sewn
    Body's lips eyes
    Earthed and regrown"
    we are apart of a whole as society just like body parts are all apart of a whole into us. I think majorly this song is about the majority of the society being manipulated brainwashed as us mindless simpletons. i know its a stretch but that's what i get from it
    Xx4lph4Atm40m3g4xXon March 17, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThis has turned into one of my favorite songs.

    im not sure how to interpret it...

    maybe it has to do with education, it might seem like a stretch but the first part seems like he is saying that "you can make us look the same, you can strip us of our individuality, and censor books that you seem unfit, but we will still learn our own way."

    the next part, to me, relates to how people as a whole are fearful, manipulatable, and quick to attack/defend, but individually you can strive for your own personal truth and perspective, even if that means walking till your legs are broken.

    i dont know, just some thoughts. you can extrapolate my interpretation of the rest of the song with this mind set of treating people as a group rather than individually.

    or on another note, it could just be about the problems of society, or drugs, or anything. lets see some other ideas!
    aecteron February 14, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI'm gonna take a stab at analyzing this great song.

    This song, I think, is about rejecting civilization. When he talks about shaving our heads, stripping our clothes, and burning our books, he's talking about the total destruction of what is established in human lives.

    The central line of the song is "we people are dangerous things." He talks about the fears and doubts we have, our "sheltered minds." And he reminds us, cryptically, that "we all once were" something different.

    The "missing link" in particular refers to evolution, the development of modern man. It can also be seen as a religious reference, as creationists (who disbelieve evolution) would fear a "missing link" that would lend more evidence to the theory of evolution.

    The song points out that we are part of nature. "We are made to be sown (instead of sewn), body's lips and eyes earthed and regrown." The song talks about man's affect on the planet ("islands were made of brick stone and shade"). That line could also point out how people isolate themselves from each other, with people using their houses to turn themselves into islands.

    The song then talks about ills of society, particularly money. Bills talking about people they've used, "trusting in funding." We distract ourselves with superficial entertainment and comforts ("films finding fair faces and lies", the "apartment with capable tunes"), but ultimately we're bored, because that life lacks meaning.

    This isn't the meaning I get when I listen to the song, and really I think that all their songs are more about the feeling than the explicit meaning of the words. But that's what I got. Cheers
    sweatersdotcomon June 04, 2008   Link
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    General Comment"I was up walking and you were the shoes/bored with the thoughts that you thought I could use/islands were made of brick stone and shade/where deaths only rest of laughable tunes" - I think this part uses walking like before "and i'll walk till my legs are broken" to mean continuing on regardless of the fear to make sure the "mind still grows". If you are using someone else as the shoes while walking, it could either be talking about how there are other people around us to make it easier, but we get bored with the personal thoughts other people say because they feel we can use them somehow in our 'walk'. At this point, when you get bored, 'islands are made of brick stone and shade' or houses as we isolate ourselves inside. And if the phrase 'deaths ONLY rest' (showing an acceptance of mortality by calling death ONLY rest and therefore not really that important) would be considered one 'of laughable tunes', then it shows holding a personal fear of death, probably while we are isolated on our islands not experiencing anything.
    klefmixon July 14, 2008   Link
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    General Comment"fear of rings"
    maybe as in lord of the rings? :D
    PortugalTheManFan12on November 16, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThis song is about how dangerous love is, in my opinion. He is singing this song to the one that was his all but destroyed him, so he killed her.

    Shave our heads.
    Strip our clothes.

    (Strip us down to nothing and see what remains)

    Burn them books,
    but the mind still grows.

    (All he needs in life is her, she opens new doors for him even if they had nothing)

    We people, we're dangerous things.

    (We have great potential for hurting eachother)

    Sheltered mind, a fear of rings, fear of time, and missin' links.

    (This woman is maybe not the most worldly. She has a fear of commitment but at the same time she is afraid of being alone.)

    We all once were.
    We all once were.

    (Maybe here he is saying we all used to be like that but it is time to grow up?)

    And I'll walk till' my legs are broken.

    (He just killed the woman he loved. He has a lot to think about.)

    I was up walking and you were the shoes.

    (Her memmory is what drove him to walk.)

    Bored with the thoughts you thought I could use.

    (He is saying he sees through all this girls manipulative BS finally.)

    Any way I am not going to go through the entire song but this is my opinion.
    Caaveman82on March 15, 2011   Link

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