"When Things Explode (Feat. Ian Astbury)" as written by Ian Astbury, David Bowie, James Lavelle, Adam Weissman, Richard File and Chris Goss....
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When Things Explode (feat. Ian Astbury) song meanings
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    General CommentGreat opening line. And so true.

    I don't think this song is about a fighting couple (though it certainly could be). I think it's about the realization that we and everybody we love are going to die, and no matter how you fight to keep going (whether it's maintaining a relationship, or simply living or anything we fight for), in the end we're all dust. So all is forgiven. All the times spent with others become memories, and once there's no one left to remember them, it'll be as if they never even happened.

    You laid it on the line
    These twisted words of time
    And how your spirit shines
    I wish that you were mine

    Even when you have someone to love and to love you back, you can never really have them. And that's very sad. Life is pain, etc.
    artsluton August 02, 2010   Link
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    My InterpretationWhat a great song! Heard it first at the ending of the 10th episode of "Person of Interest".

    I think it's about the uselessness of regrets or thinking about "what-might-have-beens". The first stanza sets the mood:

    "Your skull fucked little lives
    In shadows where you hide
    A life that was designed
    You've been cheated, oh, so blind"

    The addressee might have dreamed up a different life for herself ("skullfucked little lives") - what if she met another partner, what if she moved to a different town, what if, what if.. "You've been cheated" implies that her life might have been better, at least in her view.

    "You laid it on the line" shows a commitment to a certain course, a sign that the woman has abandoned her more flamboyant ideas and took a risk. The singer then describes his growing fascination and desire for her.

    The dramatic music and the "I saw my fears in your eyes" stanza implies IMHO that the singer and the woman got together, fell in love, were so intimately connected, that they saw and understood each others fears. However, their dreams were shattered ("watched it burn").

    One might wonder about what would have been if this or that happened, if we'd had chosen another route. But such musings are useless, since we have to keep on fighting and living our life as it plays out ("with tooth and claw we fight into this endless night"). In the end it is better to love and crash than not to have loved at all ("all is forgiven").
    geralton October 01, 2012   Link
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    General Commentmy goodness...

    the haunting voice of ian ashbury...

    such an amazing closing track...

    i interpret it as being about a fighting couple...or recently split up...where the guy is looking back on how things were...all the bad stuff...but he can still see how he could've fixed it...

    there's still a feeling there that he's admitting it's over...and i wouldn't go as far as he's almost saying "no hard feelings"...but the last line suggests something like that...


    awesome song...deserved at least one effort at interpreting...
    lukieton February 21, 2008   Link

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