This is.. DJ Khaled
This is.. I'm about unity, man!
This is.. Gotta love it. Greetings from Miami-Dade County, Florida
This is.. This is.. This is.. This is.. This is.. LISTEN UP!
This is.. This is.. This is.. This is.. This is.. NEW YORK! LISTEN UP!

One's for the treble, two's for the show
Three's for the bass and the limelight glow
I know.. You thinking that this game is over
Oh no! The break is over! New York is back!
Let me see your hands! Side to side!
Put em up high! Don't cry cause.. New York is back!
Let me see your hands! Side to side!
Put em up high! Lets ride cause.. New York is back!

[Verse 1: Jadakiss]
Yo, the Hammer and the muzzle came together
All I did was hold on to the pieces till the puzzle came together
Before it all got hype
I was in the core of the apple before it got ripe, so I ain't gotta act like
I'm on top of or infront of them
If I'm not the best dog, then I'm one of them
Listen, I'm a different kind of boss
I'ma cut from a different kind of cloth, these niggas is different kinda soft
Everybody know it all
Nobody follow a protocol, the money's only good till you blow it all
Been stacking ever since
Giuliani knocked John Gotti, so now he running for president
It's a shame what the games became, but the truth is
Really nobody's to blame, but the music
Just give it a minute with no wack gimmicks
Just hard beats and rhymes, blow breath back in it, yea


[Verse 2: Fat Joe]
Motherfucker I'm the heart and soul of this
You claim king, but we in control of this
Name another rapper you see in the streets
Hugging the block at the height of a beef (COKA - crack crack crack...)
Yellow tape and white sheets
Yea that's my back chopper whenever I speak
I know a lot of y'all would love to ice me
Make my head jerk like I'm doing the hyphy
But that'll never happen, get on some sick shit
Like 15 in you, and one in your infant (ouch)
Joe's the business, ask about me
In the middle of the desert and they still can't drought me
You know Coka baby he stay on that New York shit
You seen Weezy coming down on that fork lift
And money ain't a thing, unless he come off with
Then I'ma have to hit em make them little brats orphans


[Verse 3: Ja Rule]
New York, New York, nigga never went nowhere
I just took off a couple of years
But now I'm back on my day to day
Old school Gucci frames like Dana Dane
Who gon' tell New York time's up Flava Flav?
Cause as much as things change it remain the same
New Yitty, the City of Gods, the Mecca, the temple, the Mosque
The inspiration, the inception
The art of Hip Hop was born, the rap game was formed
For niggas that's dead broke, seel drugs, bear arms
Against all odds, and argue all day
About who's the biggest star, Joe, Jada, or Ja
So close but so far, so many with no start
I can't believe niggas saying NY fell off
Ad LA came back, the South just running shit
Then One Blood proved this shit is all irrelevant, NEW YORK!


[DJ Khaled]
Funk Master Flex
DJ Enuff
Mister C
Cypher Sounds
Green Lantern
DJ Absolute
DJ Camelo
Kay Slay
Bobby Condas
Jazzy Joyce
Coco Shanell
Angie Martinez
Fat Man Scoop
Miss Jones
Ralph McDaniels
DJ Clue
Red Alert
DJ Kid Capri
Warren G
Double R
Big Mike
DJ Clark Kent I got you
DJ Plet
Jam Master Jay
Big Pun
And free Shyne already!
We the best!
I'm from Miami-Dade County, Florida
I go by the name of DJ Khaled
And I'm about unity
I don't care where you from, man
I'm about unity, man
I'm about this music, man
We the best!
Cool & Dre on the track
We the best, man!
Listen up!

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New York is Back (feat. Ja Rule, Fat Joe & Jadakiss) song meanings
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