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1. 2. 2 n' to the 3.
I'm back, once again, direct and live from KC.
Guess who's fresh off ???, ready ta ???
Nobody can stop me, homie. Face fact.
Goin' against the ???, mayne,
Get yo' fuckin' face cracked and you can trust that.
Came out the joint just ta' put it down
Producin' wasn't raw enough, had ta' make my own sound.
Neva' comin' down, clowns thought that I fell off,
But what you think 'bout me now?
The secret to my shit:
I put crack on my lips, so it's dope when I spit.
Foes can't even compete.
Posers think that they be hot, but they ain't nuttin' ta' me.
And I don't even need ta' hustle 'cuz I'm P-A-I-D.
Go ridin' through the streets, and these sucka's see me clownin,
But they can't take shit from me
Just flyin' high. Give 'em burnin rubber in the breeze. Muthafucka'.

(Homicide & n16)
Set it off (x8)
Kansas City, muthafucka', we about ta' rock.
We about ta' rock, muthafucka', 'bout ta' rock.
Midwest, muthafucka', we about ta' rock.
KC, muthafucka', we about ta' rock.
'Cuz we set it off. Always high with that new shit. Muthafucka'.

Set it off (x5)
Kansas City, set it off.
Gonna' hit you if you try yo' thang
If you try it again.
With a bang bang, mayne, it's just the same thang.
Stupid is as stupid does, found 'im with his pussy thugs,
Tryin' ta act hard, but I showed 'em who they really are.
Then I pulled the butterfly, yea, up in the gutta' guy.
You actin' cowards stutta' why.
I set it off, set it off, set it off, set it off.

(Homicide & n16)
Set it off (x8)
Kansas City, muthafucka', we about ta' rock.
We about ta' rock, mayne, we about ta' rock.
Midwest...'bout to rock, muthafucka', 'bout ta' rock. We-
(Homicide & n16)
Set it off (x4)
Kansas City, set it off.
Homicide, set it off.
n16, set it off.
Set it off...
Check it out ?, muthafucka'.

Watch out when we come through,
Getcha' whole crew; bitch, fuck you.
Blow ya' ass up, then jump you.
Down ya' house with smoke.
Don't laugh, it ain't a joke.
Come back, do it again;
Three years later and boom, here I am.
Watchin' kids sit, burnin' leaves;
Got seven gas masks for each day of the week.
BZ and me like a good propane-boom and Will Pat's safe locked up in the backroom.

We set it off.

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