And I can not be fighting for equality.
If im off jerking off to pornography.

My body maybe a tool but it has a method.
It is not an object and never should I disrespect it.

Try all you want to not understand what I mean.
But you would think differently if that was your daughter on the screen.
You would think differently if that was your son slipping date rape into someone’s drink.

( Would you like to witness your kid getting gangbanged in threes? would you like to have your sister hook on the street?)

Many say that beauty is only skin deep.
Well then I demand that we pour sulphuric acid upon all of our faces to know what that truly means.

Male chauvinists and feminists together alike, do not have a very big barrier between.

(People’s selfish acts where morality lacks oh my I can hear the book of small dick jokes being cracked)

Do not become something you will soon hate
Do not be something that will make you a slave

(Do not fucking subjugate!)

(Animal rights activists? Don’t you understand every download of every page there’s no escape with every picture you take yourself you cant save you cant free your self from the same cage.)

(So shut your legs and put away your dicks
because love and beauty isn’t measured in inches and how tight of a fit.Where I stick my dick is what im sticking with.)

To get a clear picture it must start with ending every form of prostitution we let our lives lead.
Blood stains instead of cum stains on someone’s bed sheets
Mandatory apadravyas for mandatory celibacy
now do you see?

(I will be the first to admit that sex is a wonderful thing.)

but until we stop subjecting ourselves to exploitation.

The end of exploitation will only be a dream....

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