So there I was, washing my face, mirror screamed ugly
Said you ain’t gotta like me but you’ll learn to love me
I am the company that will forever keep you
The only existence that you can’t see through
I am your self esteem which your dreams feed through
The backtracks flashbacks and the previews
The concerns that burn ya firm reviews
And keep you from sleepin at night
Right then I was stuck, stood still, frozen
Tryin to find the fuck, but mouth dropped open
Knowin this was all for real, I kept my nerves concealed
As her words would steal my undivided attention
Her voice got a lot softer with each single sentence
She mentioned the lifestyle of a smile
The self portraits and the morbid side profile
The cornered and the docile, she said walk in the slow aisle
And ignore the mobiles but make sure you stay in touch
She said some of us are gonna end up corrupt
With abrupt brush strokes that dry lies, because the truth is harder to sell
And the smarter survive, the harder you strive the more they will run
Be careful not to lose sight on how far you have come
The numb feeling your dealing with, will fade
And it'll make more sense as you continue to age
This hip hop life might seem like a phase
But for you this is it, to remain engraved
The rage will build and the moments will spill

But you needs not worry, while they scurry to pile on dirt
And cover up the work you insert, there words won't be a worth
A thing, I felt a pin like sting seeping into each pore of my skin
Like boredom is a sin and then within several seconds
I saw my face start to melt within the reflection
Smile saggin, eyes baggin, ear lobes draggin on bathroom tiles
I was practically shittin myself
She said this is an image of a scene that needs help
But you are insignificant and must play with the different cards you've been dealt
The bitches in this business are only out for themselves
And that bitterness that dwells amongst your own personal hell
Is like heaven to many who stepped in with a rather large weight on their shoulders
You can see the faces get colder, and the soldier start to lose his mind
You've been given a living, breathin, self believing beauty, who is truly one of a kind
Find that content bench to park in, and you may bargain with the pardons
I’m sorry, the sorry excuse they use to spill a splash of juice
Will not hold up in your views, your truth is coming
While the sarcasm is flooding the dust ridden streets
Close your eyes and listen to me speak
Cos there's a point to be reached
I did as she wished and I swear I felt a set of cold lips kiss me
I opened my eyes to find there was no ME in that mirror
I scanned the glass, but there was no face, no body, just some cubicle doors
This was a nothing I'd never seen before, time stopped as I watched in aur
I paused and then gained composure
I was curious I wanted some form of closure
So I moved closer and I asked her “are you God?”
She replied “No I'm just that part of you your yet to get to know”
Your moment of clarity

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