"Times Like These" as written by and Craig Edward/frisby Mabbitt....
You make me whole and I want to thank you for this
I wanna thank you for this chance to be angels
You push me to strive harder when I'm unable

And I want, you said, I need this, I want, you said, don't leave this
Now's our time were gonna make things right and pull through tonight
I remember when we were younger we had nothing but strived for something
And I wanna thank you for this chance to be angels

Thank you for everything, we had nothing and strived for something
I remember when we were young, we had nothing and strived for something
And now I want to know like fire, come and drown with me like the fire
Come and light the fire, light the flames

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"Times Like These" as written by Michael Tyler Frisby Craig Edward Mabbitt

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    General Commenthumans cant be angles, no humans will ever become angles, the bible dosnt say that..

    Its talking about god making angles and how they thanked him for the chance to be angles, then they sing:
    "come and drown with me" showing what the devil says to gods angles

    then it says "now i want to know like fire" showing about how some of the angles wanted to join satan

    Revelation 12:7-9 shows us that one third of gods angles followed satan

    the devil says to the demons: "come and light the fire" and some of the times he sings this you hear a faint "no" showing that not all of the angles folloed satan.

    this could also be meaning how god will use angles to throw all sinners that are not saved into the firey lake of hell but the line "now i want to know like fire, come and drown with me like the fire" makes me think not
    joshbikeon September 24, 2008   Link
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    General CommentSo I think it's about them making it as a band and he's thanking God. Or maybe it's about him being saved and he's thanking God. It seems like it could be the latter because he says "for this chance to be angels" where as before he was saved he couldn't have become an angel when he died. And so he said that God said that he needs this. So now that he's been blessed with salvation he says that he gonna make things right, like live a Christian life and "pull through tonight" like fight through whatever battles come his way. And he says that when he was younger, he "strived" for something, meaning he was searching and yearning for something and now he has that "something"...salvation. Then the drowning like fire thing, I think he means he wants to bask and drown in God's love and salvation, like God has drowned out the devil in him. Or it could be totally what I said before, about him thanking God for the band's success. And then the angels thing could just be a metaphor for being rock stars or something. And when he was younger he strived for something big like being in his band. And maybe he wants to drown in this success and happiness from the success like the fire, and the fire could be the other path his life could have taken if he didn't have the band, but now that he has the band the fire drowns. Maybe he's kind of tempting someone to "light the fire" like saying to the world to test him now by putting something hard in his path now, but that it won't matter because he's stronger and happy and successful now. So by saying "come and light the fire" maybe he's saying "come and try me." Lol, sorry I don't know about the fire part...what do u guys think this song means?
    TheLastDayon August 01, 2007   Link
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    General Commentohmygosh, you have to see it it live,
    face it, they are really good!!
    xauxiceon August 06, 2007   Link
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    General Commentmyspace.com/…

    for the people who have myspace, add it,
    it's a fansite from btf with live picture's and stuff like that!
    xauxiceon August 06, 2007   Link
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    General Commentlol......
    a very good song...and lyrics...
    maybe the fire is all about his happiness....
    he want someone to come with the happiness he felt....
    hehehehe.......lol....i dont know it....
    bahobeteon December 04, 2007   Link
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    General Commentllamaxcore!
    ma_shelllon February 06, 2008   Link
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    General Commentseems to be about reflecting about first becoming a Christian. i originally thought it was about his mom or another family member because of the line "i remember when we were younger..." but im not exactly sure... i can see it meaning either one..
    kyleeeon June 14, 2008   Link
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    General Commenti love the screaming in this song
    blessmyfall233on January 21, 2010   Link
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    General Commentlololololololololololol
    nmunkyon January 21, 2010   Link

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