"Drunk By Myself" as written by Nasir Jones and Y ....

Uhh Uhh Where am I going?

Where am I? Yo it's ill

(Verse 1)

Yo my wife's tired of fucking me

Life tries ducking me

Luckily I find 'em just at the right time

Mack in my right arm Tequila bottle in

My left arm like Cristian

Watching my life go keeping myself in

Wolves in the night yo hells men

Two revolvers I can let twelve spin

Hop in my Benz push it to the limit

Buck sixty who wit' me? My (?) to well

Twisted blunts and inner conscience

Telling me that I ain't shit

No matter how much cash I sit with

Still gotta ask the lord for forgiveness

My precious baby girl came like forty nights of rain

To replenish my adolescent brain

Blessed be her name, before her birth I was insane

So I drive the cooler pressure down, delay the pain

I ate from these poisonous, fucked up streets

Tasted larceny, it was sweet, I starved for more to eat

Though I took, that was to live, hope God will forgive

As odd as it is, the more I gain the harder it is

To maintain, bitches playin' games

Niggas snitchin', I ain't saying names

But y'all niggas better watch how y'all slang

Lost so many close niggas, drunk almost crashed

I'm going too fast, highway patrol will just flash

Lights in my rearview, if they stop me I hope they lock me

Instead they speed ahead

Yo nigga watch me


I'm drunk by myself, gun under my seat

I don't want none of my peeps caught up in none of my beef

I'm a ride to the end of the road if I have to

Praying no car speeds by for me to crash to

Steering wheel in my hand

Trying to hold it steady

Anything in my way is dead

Cause that's the way I feel, I am already

When I'm drunk by myself alone in the zone

Drunk by myself

(Verse 2)

Heard niggas hate me, but I hated too once

Been in the shoes of a Wolf in the night when he hunts

For every shell niggas bust, we bust at ourselves

Can't tell them niggas nothing though, bullets wak'em up well

Take them to hell

Stick up niggas once ran up on me

My deckited lifestyle attracted sharks on me

I ain't your mark homey

It's hard to look straight, my foot on the brake

Spilling my bottle not even shook of the Jakes

Could hardly look both ways, put out the hayes blurry vision

Think about the time in my life before I was in televison

Hella women, jealous niggas up in my vision

Since we all hood niggas expect kilos

For what they not seeing is police expect Rico

Only if I could take care of everybody, intoxicated

Windows up blastin A.C. going wherever instinct takes me

I hate it when I'm like this

The bottle's my accomplice

Chorus: 1x

(Verse 3)

The reason that I want to be alone

Tired of all the things that went wrong

That would have went right if I would have did it on my own

Take another swigg

The more I drink, the more I think bad thoughts

Fake friends who hung around who want to bring you down

Not knowing who to trust, runors about niggas coming through

Supposedly to shoot at us, not knowing what was true

Or what to believe, that's why I'm on the low lately

Choosing a Henny bottle over a friend, lost again

To keep my mind off that weak shit

There's love through it all, things to live for

I swerve, almost crash into a wall

Think about the good, find myself laughing

Turn the cell off, no way to be reached

Know I'm near my crib, trying to see my way through the streets

Reminded of the positive, I take my drunk ass home

Start feeling out of it, can't wait to get out of this whip

Bring my ass to the crib

I'm tired...

Chorus: 1x

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"Drunk by Myself" as written by Jean Olivier Samuel Barnes

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    General Commentthis song is so intense and real, one of my favorites by nas
    Relinquo1on September 06, 2007   Link
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    General Commentsome of the best shit Nas has ever done...really awesome
    random personon September 10, 2007   Link
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    General CommentMy favorite line from his lyrics are:

    "The reason that I want to be alone?
    Tired of all the things that went wrong that would have went right if I would have did it on my own."

    Out of all the songs I've heard that base the theme on driving, this is probably my favorite. Love how the music uses two violins. Haven't heard all of Nas's songs but right now this one is my favorite lyrically and musically.
    FaithFromHellon August 26, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThe line where you have Rego(Regal?) The line is "expect kilos. for what they not seeing is police expect Rico" He's talking about the Rico act.
    Kmac2464on October 02, 2010   Link
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    General CommentNas enlightens us about his depression episode. He reports his life is derailing in a big way as everything goes wrong simultaneously from difficulties holding up relationship with years-long fiancee Carmen to to his so called friends up in his entourage to his business move.

    Although he could fight it off, applying patch after patch on his failing life he rather not doing anything at all. To make matters worse he seeks refuge in alcohol as his thought patterns tends to fall into the "i ain't shit" routine.

    Depression, and to be more specific, conflicts between a nagging melancholy and glimpses of joy clinging too tightly in one's memory, between the discover of the absurd and the call of happiness, between paranoia and lucidity is sometimes such a torture that one can consider it's better to hang oneself at once.

    Nas goes for a journey heading to melancholy and joy by turns. To hijack Dostoevsky's formula, he even contemplates such depths of both melancholy and joy at the same moment that sometimes it really seems that he is within a hair's-breadth of being turned upside down and commit suicide.

    One really has to have been there before to understand though!
    echo19on June 03, 2012   Link
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    General CommentJust in case, to enlighten whoever interested about Rico act and the meaning of Nas's matching line.....

    Rico act his one of the most sweeping criminal law ever. It has been custom-made for the organized crime to gain convictions and imprisoning mafiosi. The enactment of Rico back in 1970 made prosecutor's jobs easier which helped to allay people's fears and concerns about then raising crime rates.

    The statute allows government to freeze defendant's asset at the time of indictment and major exceptions to general due process of law principles such as innocence presumption. Conviction doesn't requires to meet the common standard of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Once convicted, defendant faces onerous criminal penalties (there is a 20-years minimum). For the record, civil portion of the statute allows victims to file a civil suit and recover up to three times the damages they suffered.

    Over the years, the statute has metastasized from its original intent as the list of crimes under RICO extended. That list goes from murder to extortion or bribery. Nas asserts that policemen and prosecutors crave for individual who engage into RICO offenses cause it will most likely result in wins on court.

    Engaging certain actions such as robbery and extortion, ASSOCIATED INDIVIDUALS like Nasir's "stick up kids" throw themselves in the belly of the beast for good, assuming of course they get prosecuted for it.
    echo19on June 13, 2012   Link

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