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the sunshine never got any brighter
until it graced your face after our first all-nighter
I leaned over for a taste and you were sweeter than cider
the muscles that surrounded this heart grew tighter
all summer, girl, I couldn't leave you alone
I must've rung up all the minutes on your mobile phone
until you lost it- no loss, you said it was fine
because to reach your boy, you only needed one line
I was broke as a joke, so when I picked you up
we'd spend the nights romancing inside the old man's truck
I was the Cranberry Clown, you were the E-Town Queen
you could've had me forever and you were only sixteen
it seems kind of funny, you could call me out of my head
or a complete sellout from what the best friends said
but who needs them, when I've got a girl like you?
so get cozy 'cause this world was only built for two

aright, uh let's get little exposed
I hate to admit it but I even like you when you're wearing your clothes
and these past few months have been fun and um-
I think you're the one

months pass, summer falls into winter
and you're becoming more embedded into me like a splinter
senior year and it's a miracle I passed at all
mostly perfecting our display of PDA in the hall
and all our weekends were spent the same
a sovereign entity of you and me we simply tried to maintain
there was no time for our achievements or personal gain
so when to came to life's vices, we had vowed to abstain
of course, there were a few exceptions
not experienced with sex, but it was cool to learn lessons
staying up late at night and I was counting the blessings
trying to claim sincerity by switching up the inflection
I remember when we went to my prom
the feeling of having the most beautiful girl in the world on my arm
you made me feel it was okay to disarm
and I promised I would never take advantage of your love or do harm
and as we swung around, a thousand lights reflected
cameraman caught us kissing, big screens projected
it was almost like a fairy tale, a dream come true
because the only thing I ever dreamt about was you

so many memories, I look back and smile
because I haven't seen your face in such a long while
when it comes to cynicism, I take time for forget it
when I think of what we've been through, I could never regret it

Jeff's party, Bad Boys, The Hut and Red Roof Inn
the night I let you get inside my head and go for a spin
Virginia Beach, Moraine State and Sheraton pool
Heinz Field, Market House- and you can call me a fool
I wasn't trying to offend, simply trying to pretend
I could be down with only having you around as a friend
but looking back, I'm overwhelmed you really gave me a chance
and if I saw you today, I'd ask for one last dance
it's not a matter of relationships or what we've become
I just want to let you know that you were always the one

and that's real talk
(there's something about montage)
don't ever forget our bench at the park

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