"Master of the Universe" as written by and Russell Senior Peter Mansell....
I am the master of this universe and I've got so big it hurts. Raise your
Eyes and graze your kness because your master is displeased, because you
Dared to doubt his word, his polished surface dulls and cracks. Your
Bitter laughter breaks his back. I am the master of this universe. I
Taught you everything you know. Now you must bear your master's curse for
I will not let you go. Now you must walk this town 'til down in every
Public open place, your master's look upon your face. Oh now look what you
Have done; you've spoilt it all for everyone. The master masturbates alone
In a corner of your home. You feed him scraps when in the mood. You beat
Him hard and keep him nude. You cut your master down to size. Now he
Cries and he cries now. Now he begs both night and day. He lets you take
Him on your knee. He comes on losing consciousness, he dearly loves his
New mistress. Now he repeats it every night. Every night on point og
Death - "You are the master of the universe". You are the master of the

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"Master of the Universe" as written by Jarvis Cocker Candida Doyle


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    General CommentThis song is clearly about dog ownership and the pet dog's dominance over his alleged "master".

    "And I've got so big it hurts" - the cute little puppy grows into a heavyweight adult dog.

    "I taught you everything you know" - how to fetch and how to sit down, presumably.

    I have known people whose pet dogs drove them almost to the point of mental illness, but would still not give them up: "Oh for I will not let you go".

    "Now you must walk this town til dawn, in every public open place, your masters look upon your face" - indicating that the triumphant dog is in reality the "master" of the hapless human being tasked with walking him, cleaning up his filth and throwing balls for him.

    Most of the remaining lyrics should require no explanation:

    "The master masturbates alone in a corner of your home" - well, anyone who owns a dog knows how difficult it is to tear them away from their own genitals at times.

    "You feed him scraps when in the mood, you beat him hard and keep him nude" - dogs are fed scraps of food, are hit by their owners, and do not wear clothes.

    "You cut your master down to size, now he cries and he cries now" - this is either the dog's owner (who mistakenly believes he's the master) despairing at the dog's behaviour, or the dog (who is the real master) whining to be let out to poo, go out for walkies or whatever.

    And now he begs both night and day, he lets you take him on your knee" - the dog begs for attention, even when you don't want him to, such as at four in the morning.

    "Every night on point of death" - the dog owner has now been driven almost to suicide by the behaviour of the dog.
    Ruffianon February 25, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI think this song is a metaphor for parents rather than dogs, becus parents start out as the master but when they grow very old and weak they often must be taken care of by their children
    zombiesraftermeon July 17, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI don't agree at all with the other interpretations of this song.
    To me it sounds like a very straight forward sub-dom relationship and how sometimes sexuality is more complex than black and white terms and things can change overtime
    v2.7on December 21, 2013   Link

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