"Drown Out" as written by and Glen James Hansard....
Drown out, the voice that breaks the silence
And talks the joy out of everything
You were found out and had to walk
In darkness without the only thing you care about

And we drive away and head for south
We found our way and blocked it out

Cry alone, and die alone
Pray alone, and stay alone

You were burned out
And had to stop before all hell broke
And finally took its toll

And save our souls were playing dead
And mine for gold in a heart of lead
And turn around and save yourself
We found our way and blocked it out

Cry alone, and die alone
Pray alone, and stay alone

Drown out, drown out

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"Drown Out" as written by Glen James Hansard Glen Hansard

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    General CommentThis song is about doing what you think is right, and not feeling guilty about it.

    The voice that breaks the silence is guilt, in this case.

    Sometimes we feel guilty about doing things even though there's no correct reason to. Whether it's because we're going against popular opinion, or religious belief or even our own gut instincts. And sometimes people treat other people like they've done wrong, simply because they're not acting how they want them to.

    So the best thing to do is attempt to drown out those guilty thoughts before they take the joy out of your life and the thing that you're doing.

    This song has also been introduced by a story, involving a female friend of Glen's who is a spiritualist medium. She and her husband, who is also psychic, visit supposedly haunted places and lay the spirits to rest there by trying to help them out.

    Anyhow, one evening, the husband becomes possessed by two spirits who, at first, feel evil. Glen's friend asks them, through her husband, who they are, and where they are from. Their only reply is "We are from the dark" and "We come from the dark"

    This happens for a few nights until finally, they begin to communicate properly with the psychic lady.

    They explain that they are brothers and that they lived in Ireland in the 14th century or so. They believed that they were evil because they'd been told so all of their lives. And eventually they were executed, as evil, feeling great guilt and shame in the process.

    Their only crime was that they were disabled, physically. Back then of course, such conditions were seldom understood, so the two boys were burnt alive as evil outcasts.

    The spirits then went on to explain that from the moment they died, all they could see was darkness, no light, absolutely nothing. Pure black.

    Eventually though, they continued, two tiny pricks of white light appeared on the horizon. They began walking towards these two shards of light as the once tiny pinpricks grew larger, and brighter until now.

    Because now they'd reached the two sources of light, and it was the back of her husband's eyes.

    They been walking in the dark, guilty, and ashamed for all of that time.
    niteflite01on November 07, 2007   Link
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    My OpinionSimply in response to the previous comment, if you, "cry alone, die alone, pray alone and stay alone" I believe you'll feel pretty guilty about the decision you made. All the rest of that information just reads too deep for this song. There aren't even lines to read between and extrapolate so many details.
    lb8684on December 16, 2012   Link

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