"Lay Down Your Weapons" as written by and Jim J Krueger....
The sound of numbers
Last Time, 5-4-3-6-2-1-8-9
It's over, I've served, my time
Certainly am ready to walk the straight line

Ive been a locked up a long time baby,
since I was nine
Paid the piper for naughty naughties
Now I'm ready to kick start my life

Combing the sand
Lay down, lay down, oh women
They'll be scoping me with my six pack frame
Fly me a first class, I be off to Hawaii,
Lay down, lay down, the island
Welcoming me, with a coconut honey

Sure a lotta people here at the airport
Lotta people be waiting in line
I think I'll light me up a Cuban cigar
One for now, then one for the ride

Ive been a locked up a long time baby,
since I was nine
I just got out yesterday man,
bought myself this New York steak knife

Here comes the badge
Lay down, lay down your weapons,
Or well bag you here at the baggage claim
Hey, you've got the wrong man,
please stop dealing in absolutes
Lay down, lay down your weapons
I saw handcuffs then it clicked in me

They're never ever gonna gonna catch me
I never once did anything wrong
Instead of pleasantly asking a question
You threaten me, and say I am wrong

Make your demands
Lay down, lay down your weapons,
Or this loved one here gets it in the head
I was a baby born into hard times
You ain't taking me, you ain't taking me,
You ain't taking me, you ain't taking me

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    General CommentTo me it sounds like the singer has just gotten out of prison and decides to go to Hawaii to relax. He buys a steak knife when he gets out (for what purpose I can't say) and gets caught with it at the airport.

    Instead of pleasantly asking him why he has it the cops make threats and try to arrest him.

    I think the song is about how ridiculous our national security has gotten that we basically assume someone is guilty for actions that could simply be a mistake.

    It's this type of law enforcement that angers and frustrates people in the first place.

    We could all benefit from a little more polite discourse. We can't all agree, but we needn't be disagreeable about it.
    HandShakeDownon January 11, 2009   Link
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    General Commentthis song is amazing!, no one has commented?? i find alot of their lyrics are about killing/being killed.

    the singer sounds like the singer of hot hot heat i think.
    fastmotion123on May 15, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThink the last time he was on a plane, they weren't as freaked out and cautious as they are now, and he basically does everything wrong without knowing it. And with a criminal background he's easily thrown back behind bars. It's a vicious circle, and says a lot about our culture, I think.
    BashTheFashon July 31, 2009   Link

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