It's about that time (Dizzy)
Come on (Dizzy)
That's right
It's like, I wanna eat his children
I wanna have his heart
(I'm ready)

Oh it's on tonight when we get on the mics
To begin I bring fight like we're on the bikes
Slice with precision my rythem and rhyme interlocks and drops heavy
Hit harder than centerblocks
I'm on the march like a master dawn
I'm strong and built to last in this rapathon
So pass it on
I bring heat like twin holsters
Roast at high heat like a bath full of toasters
You want a fair one, I've got you scared - run
Quick then emit, you get lit like a flare gun
Your little rap on this camel's back
You could add a million of them and I handle tat
But you, you got no spine
I mean when it's showtime I keep the crowd groovin' till they hang up the closed sign
Got the girls dancing
So do what you like but don't touch the mic
Just watch nice and close like microscopes
As I go set to blow like isotopes
I've got a new pair of shoes to catch ??
With a verse so sick I took Feraflu
Andy Cooper, I don't need an alias
Stun anyone in a hundred mile radius
'Cause I can mark quicker than a snapple top
And catch jock like Germans on Hasslehof

Dizzy.. Where's Dizzy? Dizz? What's up man? What you got?

Let me interrupt and cut straight to the chase
Straight to your face so you make no mistakes
I can take a microphone and snap it like a styrofoam
'Cause my style's off the hook like a dial-tone
I'm pure-blend, you're decaffienated
And you're sticking out your neck to get decapitated
You have to hate, boy you oughta lock your jaw
As the rhyme scheme drops like shock in awe
I'm a bet when it comes to a mic check
With no interference I get clearnace from the flight deck
Because I'm well-known in the field of hip hop
You can check my profile like Alfred Hitchcock
My tongue becomes a switchblade and cuts you down a size
Competition gets played - that's if they survive
I'm ready to attack so I'm throwing on my Hunter cap
And count you out like a jumping jack
Or better yet ?? rappers are oblivious
I can get a live show moving like giddy up
Who'd they come to see? It was me not you
Now you must confess I'm blessed like "atchoo"

Alright, so who do you think won the battle man?

Oh man, there was no question about that

Yeah it was me!


Einstein, who do you think won the battle man?

Uh, I dunno, I wasn't listening

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