You're not speaking for me. I hear you loud and clear.How about all the other voices in your ear. They go in one ear and out the other side. We sit back and hold on and get taken for the ride.

I turn off my radio I turn off my tv. Cause nothingthat they're talking about is news to me. I better lock my door cause no ones safe here. They spend millions a year keeping billions in fear. They distract from the fact that a few have most while the rest have some. And the one;s you hear abouthave none. But still you dont see-So i'll tell you again you're not speaking for me.

A little's not enough. I'm not sold on a buck. Crash and burn before you learn. You're not speaking for me.

A little's not enough for me. Cause you know i'm not sold on a buck you see. And every time the seasons turn someday you know that we're all gonna crash and burn. Time's running out before you learn so don't tell me how its gonna be. Cause you know you're not speaking for me.

America the beautiful goodnight and God bless. Power to the people but we're so powerless. Land of the free, home of the brave. Who should we bomb and rob and enslave. It's wrong and how long can it go on. Wake up call it was there all along. But we didn't care we continued to do this millions trippin hard on our hubris.

There's hardly anything laft that's safe to eat. We can't take the cold and we can't stand the heat. And they just keep playing those images over and over again and again and again.

A little's not enough....

So impose on me your two dollar fare. You oil your gas and your filthy ass air. Your Roe vs. Wade and your school house prayer. With your bullshit war that i have to pay for.

Strange days indeed, I know it's true. And nobody knows what they're supposed to do. Which lies me to believe and which to see through. The river's half frozen, our choices are chosen. You know i try to make good each and every day. To say what i mean and mean what i say. To cure all my ills with out all the pills. But i see in the future days stranger still.

A little's not enough....

A little's not enough in the time and the waywith the things that you do and the games that we play. I'm not sold on a buck or a penny or a dime. Now I'm running out of breath and I'm running out of time. Crash and burn political pundit. The one hit wonder Crimson and Clover. Before you learn you got to cry on my shoulder. The mic in my hand so you best move over.

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