"The Feather Test" as written by and Aaron Thomas Gerber....
We lost a couple years, like a Christmas box,
crushed under the weight of standing still.
I'm serious, there's no way you could be forgot.
The birds remember how to come home.

You left her from the basement, I was fading out,
the earthquake like a giant passing truck.
If I lose everything, then I lose you
but I'll lose all the really bad things too.

I don't feel so alive tonight,
the lightest things feel very heavy.
And you want to find a hedgehog friend.
You're talking like a girl again.
Takes a lot to makle you feel tempted.

It takes a lot of quills,
and I will, I will.
Takes a lot to make you cry,
and I will, I will.
Like a ghost without a throat,
held still until
he won't feel so killed.

You get stuck, move if you can.
Bread in your hand, those hungry looks won't hardly stand.
I guess I feel a bit lost without you,
a middle thumb stuck in your belt.

Oh believe me,
I will have no more of thee
and I'll drive you far away from me.

I'm gonna fly right through the walls,
don't be scared at all.
I'm gonna float above your bed,
I will, I will.
I'm gonna kiss you on your head,
miss you won't know,
you'll just feel a little wind instead.

In your dream I'm noticing the way she sits,
but tonight I'm letting you drive.
If you wannt touch me just a little bit,
you better use your smallest left hand.

I'm shaking like a candle light,
blow me out alright, already.
I get gone on whisky and cocaine,
on cought syrup and codiene.
Watch me move like nothing you see,
brush your hand across where you felt me.
Do I pass the feather test?

Is there any hope for me?
Oh, believe me,
I will have no more of thee
and I'll drive you far away from me.

It takes a lot of faith,
to not to know
that the coaster if

It takes a lot of god's will.
I will, I will.
It takes a quills,
until you know.
Like a hedgehog, believe it will.

We lost a couple years, like a Christmas box,
we knew that sometimes you'd feel better somehow.
I will, I will.

Lyrics submitted by blueofthesky

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    General Commentfinally!! whoever would NOT accept a weather as an artist...but i wanted these lyrics up really bad. i'm hoping someone will come across weather and think they're a weather, etc. etc.

    so here's what i think this song means: someone is debating killing themselves and haunting their ex-lover. in the end, i think that the feel better somehow signifies they choose not to.

    there are a lot of mistakes, i think. the lyrics are pretty accurate, but in many places the words i here don't seem to make much sense. i'd love for suggestinos.
    blueoftheskyon June 22, 2007   Link
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    General Commentfor the record, they're called A WEATHER.
    I have no idea why, but you can't find their lyrics online ANYWHERE.
    IamIon February 02, 2008   Link

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