"Disappearing Act" as written by and Chris Cornell....
Come on now the curtain is drawn
And tomorrow stands before you
Dressed and draped in a cold black cape
Like a crow he ignores you
Look again there's a beautiful girl
Covers sin in a holy land shroud
It's the great disappearing act
Done once again for the marveled crowd

As we're chasing our tails
And biting our nails
So strong and frail

And we build and tear down
Build and tear down
Build and tear down
With barely the time to say
How did it get so late
I'll never know

Step outside and now the doors open wide
And the minions are eager to find him
Put a million miles under your heels
And you're still behind him
Cover your clocks with your chains and your locks
While the seasons get hotter and colder

Stretch your faces and lie about your ages
And still you're going to get older

As we're chasing our tails
And biting our nails
So strong and frail


I'll never know

Hang on till your fingers break
And your hands unwind
He will escape you every time
From under your pillows
Through open windows
And out on the rails


I'll never know
I'll never know

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"Disappearing Act" as written by Chris Cornell

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    General CommentI think it has to do with time, something else to, following someone, but never able to catch up with it. Maybe time is the thing, you go far, trying to catch up with time, but then you realize your life has gone past you, and you wasted it. Live today, as if it was your last
    dude2k5on July 17, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThis one seems to me like it is about the futility of human life.

    We go around hiding from death, stretching our faces to look young, lying about our ages, and death (dressed and draped in a cold black cape) is indifferent to the whole struggle.

    Our lives are a constant series of building relationships and tearing them down, building hope and tearing it down, building dreams and tearing them down. And in the back of our heads we know that at the end of every road lies death. All of the tail-chasing and nail biting is futile, for we are all frail in the end.
    Runningace18on July 25, 2007   Link

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