To the best of my knowledge I guess that I'm fresh and I'm holy
Yo Hold up hold up hold up
Yo Joe Beats what's the purpose of you stopping me?
I dunno I want you to kick raps like you used to, not this emo shit
Alright alright alright

I was getting props when I first started to flow
Making this music
Wrecking shop like a retarded vocational student
Didn't realize at the time that the shit made me look stupid
Rocking pro-black rhymes over "The Devil Made Me Do It"
I never gave two shits about rocking new kicks
I ain't the type to wear something just cause the shoe fits
I make moves quick to your head
Feet first
I dig women who've got more to get off of their chest than wet t-shirts
Rep the east turk
I rip the west side
I'd rather eat dirt than ingest pride
My sixth sense shines
Less wack then Mos Def's pitiful incense vibe
You couldn't ghost write if your invisible ink pen died
Now kick fresh rhymes and think next time before your paid to be acting
As an MC I'm the character assassin
Paid to kill off all your made-for-tv rappin
When the shit hits the fan, I'ma blame it on GG Allin

Emcee? Uh uh
People don't call you
Playing catch up with all re-issues of audio too
Lots of artists got bitten
I'm not kiddin
What more can I say? Bob Dylan
They play the side of the stage like a broken mic stand
You ain't enough of an emcee to be Jerobi's hype man
You yelled in double negatives
You couldn't make no noise!
Why is that?
Ask yourself, home boy
You wanna battle me by saying writtens?
That ain't sane
You're better off playing games of chicken with freight trains
I'm sticking to the weight gain while Dr. Atkins sticks his dietary cock into lots of my fat friends
Now download my manhood
Memorize its measurements
Then lip-sync the circumfrence if the head doesn't fit
You can use your vulcan grip
On my huge (?) dick
It's the ultimate ultimate ultimate ultimate huh

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    General Commenthe says "bulging" where the question mark is at the end... I love Sage!
    kiedis6on February 25, 2008   Link

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