a murder of mosquitoes, and moths, and gnats
ravage the florescent flickering ribs of a motel lot flood light.
their frantic trajectories perfectly sketching insane in it’s halogen corona.
no collision... no drinking of bulbs at long last...
just a panicked moon drove dance they bang their insect eyes and mind at in the dark.

note: it takes an extended stay
America’s common black self cleaning line of ants
approximately 1&2/3rd’s hours to completely excavate
the fresh kill carcass of a large New Orleans cricket.

point: minnows have teeth in their throats… (x3)

thrice we passed this truck all packed with pigs...
this truck is always packed with pigs.
you can not tell nor ask a pear tree
that it might only have the bird’s nests happen to its branches.

have you ever marveled through the pretty pith of your turned around eye
at the bug blood gut modern art on the fender of your country crossing rental van?

it then becomes self evident
that nature is responsible...
to peel deer from desert fun...
to sleep through vulture mouths...
it’s femur like a chopstick through the paper.

nightcrawlers all dried up on the summer sun sidewalk.
an ant with a little bit of leaf looks like an ant with an frican mask.
the red raw salmon steak in the gas station urinal.
a full feathered dead pigeon with its entire skull exposed.

a single long stemmed rose resting between two mounted antlers.

a spider spitting web on a styrofoam snowman’s head.
car salesmen asleep in their cars on lunch-break under the highway onramp.
the x-ray of someone’s tumored skull left to scream doom from the gutter
with all the other preventative waste, no name no face.

all the oil drills on some sick sedated rhythmic robot.
rape mode like brain-washed flies at a carcass.
the highway shoulder dead dog’s fly devoured eyeballs,
as garnish to a four lane state road.
and all the southern cali orange trucks headed to somewhere there’s winter.

one armed men changing tires in the shoulder
for pretty ladies and their well dressed daughters;
engine oil boiling, undercarriage eaten by a billion ants of rust,
bacteria gang-banging in the window cracks.

a single long stemmed rose resting between two mounted antlers.

Lyrics submitted by ThePowerCosmic

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    General Comment9/11?

    "a single long stemmed rose resting between two mounted antlers."
    buzz fledderjohnon February 04, 2008   Link
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    General Commentit's about nature and how humans are ignorant of its beauty methinks.
    themagicnazaon February 02, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI think its about man's (especially America's) thought that they can control nature. They give many horrible things happening when nature and man meet. We try to say that we are so different and that we can surpass, but the song hints that we are causing much trouble in the world, and that we resemble nature and it us.

    I think the long stem rose is the beauty of nature, and the mounted antlers are man's exclamation that he has concurred nature. That picture has the antlers seemingly dominate the rose, but as one can imagine, the rose has a strength all its own. It has a power in its presents and is the centerpiece.
    s-furyon February 27, 2009   Link
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    General CommentWow, s-fury
    I have loved this song forever
    and it always just reminded me of America, but I think you added another dimension there.

    Every line seems to be pointing to the world of artifice created through human construction coexisting still with other organisms and in the natural world: "bacteria gangbanging in the window cracks"...

    I am finding that the imagery contrasts man from the other life mentioned,
    however at the same time, similarities are illustrated in the instinct to propogate, consume, conquer . . . it is in nature, a part of nature.
    Even bacteria are "gang-banging in the window cracks", fucking, spreading like contagion, drawing a parallel to the human existence on this planet, and our highways and shoulders, automobiles, consuming voraciously like the self-cleaning line of ants. Point: minnows have teeth in their throats. All beasts are designed for consumption, even innocent harmless seeming creatures may be hiding brutal weaponry for consumption. "Nature is responsible to peel deer from desert fun". Man may be a destructive force on this planet, but only in conjunction with Nature, which being a life-giving force also is a force of destruction.

    "The X-Ray of someone's tumored skull left to scream doom from the gutter with all the other preventative waste." -imagery of decay, rather imagery of an image of decay (;)) and 'preventative waste, no name no face'...here man interferes with the life giving force; birth control! hee hee

    i wish they were still a group...

    not too mention how the flows are NUTS
    gummo5on March 08, 2009   Link

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