"These Girls" as written by and Ryan Adams Bradley Smith Pemberton....
Well girl sometimes I feel just like a boy
Put here on this earth for you to toy around with
Like matchbox cars you buy and burn in your backyard
Like monsters underneath your bed
You ain't afraid of yet

But you let me in
And I feel alright
Yeah, I feel alright

Late night girls are anxious and they're coming out to play
I've been stranded on their doorstep for every night and day
I only want them more, it's so sad
But when they smile, God, I've been had
I get hypnotized and I wanna go to bed

I used to pickup shells cast off the reef
One Christmas I got a funeral and they handed me the receipt
How many lies I'd tell without my tongue
Get twisted into memories till I believe 'em some

And I toy with you
And you toy with me
Can you stop it please?

God bless all the late night girls and they're coming out to play
I've been stranded in their doorstep for every night and day
I only want them more, how sad
But when they smile, how can anybody feel bad
It makes me tired and I wanna go to bed

These girls are better off in my head
These girls are better off in my head
These girls are better off in my head
These girls...

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"These Girls" as written by Ryan Adams Bradley Smith Pemberton


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    General Commentthis is my favorite song from easy tiger...

    i think this song deals with a guy who falls for a girl a lot sooner/stronger than she does for him. any sign or opening that she gives that something might work out, he takes as a certainty that things will work. but then he questions himself when they aren't together. but all it takes is the girl's smile to make him feel good, and forget about how he feels when they ignore him, or not show him the type of feelings he wants her to have for him. in the end he finally realizes that maybe this real girl isn't doing any good for him, and he needs to just forget about her, and think of someone new and better for him, whether they are real or not.
    lexnercjon June 23, 2007   Link
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    General Commentjust realized this is a reworked Hey There Mrs. Lovely...
    lexnercjon June 27, 2007   Link
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    General Commentthe bonus album from pre-ordering easy tiger off ryanadams.com is this song, the studio one. the one that there's a video of that looks like all the other ones that came out, only when he sings it it's like he's really going insane like "stop playing around with me, you're making me go absolutely mad"
    starlitedineron June 27, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI love this song and have been listening a lot to it. I thought originally that it was about a excess and lust, but in fact it seems to me to be about a something much more sinister. A death. Perhaps murder or maybe just an unfortunate misadventure. In the first verse he talks about being a monster lurking underneath the bed. A monster you ain't afraid of yet. Late night girls are prostitutes probably, and Ryan sings about them being anxious. Sort of implies that perhaps the subject is a serial killer. Then theres the bit about a funeral and the reciept. The killer is caught by the police and aggressively interrogated. He toys with his interrogators and asks them to stop it please. Too weird. Creepy, especially with his allusions to toys and play. Ryan Adams never fails to surprise!
    RooBenon October 06, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThis song is about pornography. It's a love song for the girls who get you through when you ain't got no one to hold on to. In the end, they usually only make you feel even more lonely than when you started, but god bless em for trying.
    fresnosummeron September 21, 2011   Link
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    Song MeaningThis is a song about a guy who constantly and hopelessly falls in love with the beautiful but toxic girls. The kids of girls that a musician might meet on the road, after the gig ect. The gruppie type, the ones who like bohemian lifestyle, but might be not the best idea for a long term relation. Hence late night girls. He knows they're not for him, he's just looking for a true love, and they want some fun. All these feelings of tiredness and being weakened and hypnotized are readily recognizable to any guy who was in a relationship where a girl had an emotional upper hand and thus power to toy with u. Beautifully written as most of RY stuff
    lyrixopediaon September 11, 2017   Link

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