"Big Old House (Jesse Harris cover)" as written by and Harris....
Big old house on the hill
I sat on the windowsill
Leaning out on the breeze
Do I dwell in memories
Or let them be?

I can still hear you sing
I see you in everything, in everything
It's cold today
Headed down the highway
Please don't say you're still the same
I'll love you if you've changed

Big old car rolling down
Through the dark and empty town
See the sky everywhere
Feel it in the open air
It's still so clear

It's cold today
Headed down the highway
Please don't say you're still the same
I'll love you if you've changed
I'll love you if you've changed

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    General CommentThe ONLY bright eyes song with ZERO posts so i thought i'd read the lyrics and take the liberty of rescuing this song...huh probably well seems to be about a dead girl or guy or whatever that he's mourning and he's driving to the cemetery and wants them to change because that means they'll be alive...i'm so articulate
    imab&sbookwormon June 19, 2007   Link
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    General Commentdoes anybody know what this is off of?
    mathmilon June 24, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThis is a Jesse Harris cover that's going to be in the movie "The Hottest State". It isn't about a dead person, it's about having someone leave you. "It's cold today,
    headed down the highway.
    Please don't say you're still the same.
    I'll love you if you've changed."
    Here he's talking about leaving the person to go somewhere else, or returning to their old place to get some things, "I'll love you if you've changed" is one of the most simple and powerful lines I've ever heard.
    "Big old house on the hill,
    I sat on the windowsill.
    Leaning out on the breeze
    Do I dwell in memories,
    or let them be?"

    this could be describing going back to his parents' or friends house after the seperation and just thinking about the person.

    Brilliant song, if you've never listened to Jesse Harris, he's great, his new album comes out July 10th but this is off the album "without you" which is just amazing.
    willkon June 29, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI definitely don't think it's about a dead person, because dead people can't 'say they're still the same'.
    I agree with willk's interpretation.
    You can listen to this song at

    I really love this song.
    lovenothing__on July 18, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThe way the housing market is today, I don't know why BE would write a song about it. i am sure they make enough money to buy whatever houses they wanted, why a big old one?
    I think if they are smart, they would wait until the sub prime bubble is REALLY popped and gone, and then maybe invest in some low risk real estate, maybe on the shore or something, fixer uppers, flip em, and then they could make more money and buy some more guitars and crystal meth, or whatever they want. I am just saying, that rock musicians should not write songs about real estate.
    Bagchezhon April 11, 2008   Link
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    General Commentcould anybody PLEASE send me the mp3 or whatever of this song
    tyygeron March 30, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThis song is just beautiful. I was fishing through iTunes looking for Bright Eyes rarities and I happened upon it. I didn't even realize it was a cover.

    "Please don't say you're still the same, I'll love you if you've changed."

    Brilliant, and so articulate. Those two lines, for me at least, just describe when
    you want somebody but you hate the way they are and you're dying for them to turn into somebody you can love.
    manicdepressivestoneron February 14, 2011   Link
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    jack909on March 17, 2014   Link
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    General Comment*To non-existent readers: Apologies about the grammatical nightmare below, but plz write back if some1 should have thoughts on my question, even if its yrs later

    I've always wondered when the chorus says "plz dont say ur still the same... I'll love u if u've changed"
    if thats inferring like u know no need to insist any sort of reference to prove ur charachter or whatev basis that has u hung up insisting such ole friend ,it doesnt matter beautiful friend ill always love u. regardless of how our lives or frequency of visits is etc. we good =) just happy see ur face again, u kno?


    The more direct context received, when simply reading the sentence. As in... plz tell me u've changed this (whatever element ) destructive/damaging thing w/-in urself that was the catalyst for our severing ties, cuz ultimately I love & want u in my life. but cant do so w/ out u changing....

    Any thoughts??? As if any1 is gonna read this. Oh well I've always thought about it & never had any1 to ask.
    eric112008on May 07, 2015   Link

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