The Beav: "Now, being hailed as the ultimate fourth dimensional guitar hero, Ziltoid feels confident in his complete victory. But Captain Spectacular has seen through Ziltoid's facade, and now sets out to expose Ziltoid for what he really is... A nerd. A nerd."

We now join Captain Spectacular as he introspectively gazes out of his starship window, on his way to find the fifth dimensional nebula N9.

Captain Spectacular:
Did you know that time is not a straight line,
Everything that you learn,
Now it's gone, gone away.
You take your turn if you choose,
You burn everything that you were,
Now it's gone, gone away...
Yeah it's gone gone away...

The Crew:
Yeah it's gone gone away

Captain Spectacular:
Gone, and the world is gone
And we find there's no one that's waiting for the light to call,
And we're on our own,
and we find there's no one that's waiting for the light to call.

The Crew:
And we're on your own,
and we find there's no one that's waiting for the light to call...

Captain Spectacular:
"I must rise, I must find a way...
For this... Ziltoid must surely pay.
My fellow humans...
I, Captain Spectacular, hereby give my word."

Yeah it's gone, gone away

Solar wind blows, through my unconscionable mind.
Solar wind blows, through my unconscionable mind

Say it again, say it again,
Words are useful weapons.
Say it again and again and again and again and again and again!

Hey, don't let her down,
You've let her into my world...
Hey, you'll never learn,
You've let her into my mind.
Hold the soul,
The solar winds blowing cold.

Hey, You'll never learn,
You've let her into my world,
Sew the makings of your untold.
The solar winds, the solar winds blowing cold.

Lieutenant Squiggles:
"Commander Ziltoid, permission to speak..."


Lieutenant Squiggles:
"It appears as if Captain Spectacular and the remaining humans have set a course towards the benevolent hive mind nine..."


Comfort me, you know I'm right...
Come to me, into the night,
Knowing we are right behind the solar winds,
The solar winds blowing cold.

"After them!!!"

(Solar winds blowing cold...)

Captain Spectacular:
"He's gaining on us!
Put it in hyperdrive!!!"

Ensign Scoopy:
"Commander Ziltoid, The humans are no longer on our radar!"

"Whhaaat? They must have jumped into hyperdrive...
And double phooey...
Until we meet again commander..."

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    General CommentThe people of Earth are taken in by Ziltoid's guitar playing abilities. Some humans escaped the attack though, and Captain Spectacular figures out that Ziltoid is a nerd, a nothing from where he comes from. The captain sets out to find Nebulowanine and expose him as a fraud.
    orange juiceon June 13, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThis sounds so much deeper than it actually should. I love it.
    kickdrillson December 18, 2013   Link

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