Say what I want you to say
And make me bleed
Make me feel it, 'cause

My dreams are dead.
My hopes are buried.
And I still smile as i'm crying.

Because the heart stops
It's going to start beating
If you promise me nothing.

I'm letting go of your hand
And yeah, this is the end
In the morning we can't be friends

Release me.

Water on my hands
And water up to my neck
And water on my lips
Just bracing for it to hit
While someone's lost their way
An ocean to be swallowed
And blood left to spill
You're taking your time with this
And it's not enough
It's not enough
It's not enough
It's not enough to get up off it

I can't sleep to dream
And I'm bleeding just to grieve
Of an emotional drought at last
And it's coming up so quickly
I'm fearing that I'll miss it
And I'll see you smile as it runs past
Yeah you'll smile and I'll fall fast

This ain't hurting me like it's hurting you

So get up, get up, get up,
Fuck you and your dreamless sleep
Wake up, wake up, wake up,
And end your nightmares here

I'm giving you til the count of ten
And I don't want to see your face again

One: and I'm tired and I'm losing grip
Two: I'm in the fire and I'm sick of this
Three: I can't catch my breath and I'm burning in my skin
Four: go on without me 'cause there's nothing we can try and
Five: I've got a feeling there's something missing
Six: it's the salt from your lips I won't be kissing
Seven: I'll be DOA the morning you change your mind
Eight: to ease my pain you better leave me behind and
Nine: walk away while there's still time

It's not enough to let me fall inside
And run away to divide you
I'm still believing in you can't you see that I'm through
With making this into something real
I'm ashamed to know just how you feel
And I know it's not what you really mean to say
But i'll be trying to get on without you
It's just a losing game that'll never change

So fuck your man
And fuck your love and
Fuck your gods
And fuck each other

Here's to you
And here's to me and

I'm sick of this guessing game
i'm losing when it's me to blame
Keep me tied up and bleeding
Down out and reeling
'Cause nothing's changed
And it's not me you're needing

Ten I'm in love with a romantic ideal
And it's nothing but shame to how I feel

Ten you'll hold me too close
And I'll burn away, I'll burn away
I'll burn away

So hold me up to your sun
And I will be its eclipse

There's no light on the other side
And the water's neck deep in the tears we've cried



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