Your letter contains nothing but illegible signs
Therefor I want to meet you to hear the words from you
I won‘t accept the white, only a sigh echos

If I unterstand the colours of the sky I‘ll get saved
I also want to forget the unsteady breathing someday
But despite the wish for strength I‘m searing

「the morning I‘m averting」 when you‘re singing that song thorns accompany my sleep
Restraint entwines around my body
Even the mind seems to sleep
Your cheek touched the fever, longing and smooth
When looking into the shadows of the blurry gap (I see) the warm colours of a dream

My eyes reflect your image
Even though the day when loosing sight of you will come
You‘ll always stay right in front of my eyes
At days when the sunlight shines through the treetops
I won‘t be at your side anymore

The blurry white trembles
And I also forget your words
Whereto are tears flowing?
You‘re calling my name
Even though I‘m about to break you‘re holding me tightly in your arms
I‘m afraid to go

Where are you singing your song for me?
My ears can‘t hear it anymore but it‘s the echo of an unsteady heartbeat
Even the mind seems to sleep
It‘s the remaining fever which doesn‘t allow me to remember
When looking into the blurry gap (I see) the cold colours of reality

Thousand tiny wings (Papercranes)*
Because of your wish they won‘t leave me alone
Without returning your smile
I count the memories with my sigh until the very last moment (appears)...

I hear your voice
in the dawn when everything will be nothing
「The one thing we can‘t be together」

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Chizuru (english) song meanings
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    General CommentI think the song isn't about a person who is loosing someone, but about the person ITSELF who is dying and what he feels while slowly leaving the world and all the people who he loves.
    Soo beautiful!!! (T_T)
    kanae746on July 18, 2008   Link
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    General Commentgreat song! I've been a GazeRock fan for 6 years. GazeRock forever
    Sayuon July 09, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI can't believe there's no comment on this song yet >w
    Gensyokuon July 20, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI can't believe there's no comment on this song yet!
    This song is amazing, despite how sad it is. Personally, I believe it is about losing someone so important to you. You want to forget them and the pain but, at the same time, you want to remember them....
    Well, thats what I think XD;
    Anyway, this song and lyrics are very beautiful and I simply love the PV too.
    Gensyokuon July 20, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI have to comment, too ^^
    Thanks so much for putting it up... I still lack the romaji lyrics, but akk, hehe, I could sit down and try writing them down myself, ne? XD
    I love that song... Usually, no matter which version ~ Pv, live... after a while, I get so much hypnotised by it, I'm completely lulled in the song. I already loved it before the PV came out, and then the Pv... wow... It's such a beautiful song and I've been longing so long for a translation, since I tried myself ... ... and it seemed so very interesting. I'm babbling. Gomen XD
    Saannnkyuuu! ^^
    Otourichanon August 11, 2007   Link
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    General CommentHEre is another translation. Beautiful song...epic in its beauty. so sad...ruki sings alot about death and lovers dying in his songs. Chizuru, by the way, means "Thousand Cranes."
    I love the line "Where do my tears flow away to...?"


    In your letter there are only words I cannot read
    I want to meet you hear it from your mouth

    Weak with white which I can't get used to Just a sigh echoes
    Though I'd be saved if I only knew the color of the sky
    I want to someday forget even the deep struggling breaths
    When even the strength of wishing so seems shriveled up

    If I sing "Downcast Tomorrow" The sleep that comes after the thorn
    The Restraint my body was bound by
    Even the mind seems to sleep
    The heat that touched my cheeks is very nostalgically sweet
    The shadow I saw in a dim loophole A warm-colored dream

    My eyes in which your impression is left
    even when the day I lose sight of you comes
    You are burned into these eyes.
    You do not take me with you
    To the days with you and the sunlight filtering through the trees

    The oozing white wavers
    It feels like I'll even forget words
    Where do my tears flow away to
    Call my name
    Hold me till I crumble
    I'm afraid to lose anything else

    Where are you singing about me
    Even if I listen hard, what echoes is my uneasy heartbeat
    I can't recall the warmth that was left on my cheek
    What I saw in the dim loophole Was a cold-colored reality

    I nestle up to
    Your small wishes of a thousand cranes
    Without returning the smile, just
    In the last memory of counting my breaths...
    I hear your voice
    In the morning where everything was lost
    "Two would could not be one"
    deadxlettersxcon January 16, 2008   Link
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    General Commentthis song is about a girl in Japan who got brutally murdered.
    She was locked up for a year and got raped and beaten, etc.
    And she basically begged them to kill her.

    This is in one of their Live DVD's
    And everybody in the band actually cries on stage.
    Its such a powerful song.
    and I love it sooo much.
    ryo.chenon July 21, 2008   Link
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    General CommentRyo, you're thinking about Taion.
    Igiarion July 22, 2008   Link
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    General CommentReally.. I thought it was this one .. :S
    Lmao. Either way, they're both amazing songs :]
    ryo.chenon July 22, 2008   Link
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    My Interpretationtranslation from the album book

    In your letter are only unreadable characters
    I want you to meet me and let me hear it from your mouth
    The white i cant get used to is my weak point
    Even my sigh echoes
    Though if i knew the sky's colour, i would be rescued
    Someday I want to forget even the breathing,
    which i', unable to perform well
    It seems like even the strength to be able to wish dries out
    When i sing "tomorrow, face down", thorns go along with sleep
    Restraint was twined around my body
    Even the mind seems to sleep
    The warmth which touched my cheeks was so familiarly gentle
    The shadow i saw in a blurred gulch, a warm - coloured dream
    Even if a day comes when my eyes,
    which are reflected in you, will lose sight of you
    You're burning yourself into these eyes
    The days on which the sunbeams fall through the trees
    Dont take me with you
    The leaking white shakes
    It seems like i forget the words as well
    My tears are flowing, where do they go to?
    Call my name
    Embrace me until i break
    Im scared of losing more than this
    Where are you, singing about me?
    Even i prick up my ears, what echoes is my unstable heartbeat
    The warmth that should have remained on my cheek, i cant recall it
    What i saw in the blurred gulch was the cold - coloured reality
    I draw close to your so very small wish,
    which you made with thousand paper cranes
    In the end of my memory, which just counts my sighs
    without being able to restore your smile, i hear your voice
    The morning on which i lost everything
    "The two of us can't become one"
    RepetitionOfHatred__on January 10, 2009   Link

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