The oaks of ald now they lie in peat yet elms leap where askes lay. Phall if you but will, rise you must.

A hand from the cloud emerges, holding a chart expanded. The eversower of the seeds of light to the cowld owld sowls that are in the domnatory of Defmut after the night of the carrying of the word of Nuahs and the night of making Mehs to cuddle up in a coddlepot, Pu Nuseht, lord of risings in the yonderworld of Ntamplin, tohp triumphant, speaketh.

Mother of moth ! I will to show herword in flesh
Of all the stranger things that ever not even in the hundrund and badst pageans of unthowsent and wonst nice or in eddas and oddes bokes of tomb, dyke and hollow to be have happened! The untireties of livesliving being the one substrance of a streamsbecoming. Totalled in toldteld and teldtold.

Ascend out of your bed, cavern of a trunk, and shrine!

Vah! Suvarn Sur! Scatter brand to the reneweller of the sky,
thou who agnitest! Dah! Arcthuris comeing! Be! Verb
umprincipiant through the trancitive spaces! Kilt by kelt shell kithagain
with kinagain. We elect for thee, Tirtangel. We
Durbalanars, theeadjure. A way, the Margan, from our astamite,
through dimdom done till light kindling light has led we hopas
but hunt me the journeyon, iteritinerant, the kal his course,
amid the semitary of Somnionia.

Too mult sleepth. Let sleepth.

The oaks of ald now they lie in peat yet elms leap where askes lay. Phall if you but will, rise you must

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    General Commentagain

    if you really want to understand anything about sgm's lyrics, you have to ask the bandmembers. i asked carla and matthias, they told me to ask nils because he's the one that composed it. nils told me he just really likes joyce, and that when he came across this particular passage he thought -i quote- "these lyrics are perfect for a metal song"
    polyorchison November 17, 2007   Link
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    General CommentApparently, part of the lyrics as translated go down as follows:

    Suvarn sur! - Sanskrit (Suvarna Sura) for golden hero, or shining lord. In short, a greeting to whoever's posing as the sun god.

    Scatter brand to the reneweller of the sky, thou who agnitest! - Scatter fire to the renewer of the sky, you who ignitest! With obvious ribs (to hindsight) to Agni, Hindu god of fire, and the Latin (?) for remember or reognize. As to who the renewer of the sky is, dunno.

    Dah! Archturis comeing! - Dah! Arthur/Arcturus is coming! Dunno much about the meaning of that, though, beyond the perception of Arcturus being the guard of Arcas and Leto (or Callisto?).

    We elect for thee, Tirtangel. - We elect for thee, Tintangel/Tyr, Tintangel being involved in the Arthurian legends, and Tyr being at one time head of the Norse pantheon. How those two correlate to one another is a mystery to me. Wordplay?

    We Durbalanars, theeadjure. - We Dubliners, thee adjure, durbala nars being Snaskrit for weak men (hear, hear! And for the Irish!)

    A way, the Margan, from our astamite... - A way, the Margan, from our estimate... Margan being one of two things: Sanskrit for way, course, hunting, seeking, and Morgan le Fay of Arthurian folklore.

    The lyrics give hint to Arthurian folklore; how this becomes a terrifying prospect is beyond me.
    Israffelon December 16, 2009   Link
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    General Commentthis was completed with the help of the online Finnegan's Wake Concordex, there is a line missing before: Of all the stranger things..., I'll add it if I ever get it.
    sixteenluckyhatson June 06, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThis is indeed from James Joyce...perhaps the most difficult book to read that I have ever come across.

    Leave it to Sleepytime Gorilla Museum to confuse their audience with obscure and arcane references. But the video is chilling and very amusing, you should check it out.

    As far as the meaning, I know Finnegan's Wake is about a man who dies [obviously named Finnegan], and at his wake, attendees start to brawl. Someone accidentally spills whiskey on Finnegan's corpse and he rises from the dead. Other than that....I've got nothing. Good luck to anyone out there who's willing to decipher this. I say we get Frasier on the job.
    Shwang_Shwingaon July 17, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThe line missing before : Of all the stranger things...

    is : Mother of moth ! I will to show herword in flesh
    Nikadoon July 23, 2007   Link
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    General Commentthanks Nikado, apparently you can't edit you're lyric entries on here though.

    as for deciphering this, I do indeed thing Frasier is the man for the job
    sixteenluckyhatson July 28, 2007   Link

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