Aching eyes more blood entail, shaped how nor why it feels the same way
Mystery is darken on, a name is floating on
though we aren't the same, He know while you wait. falling over these things.
Passing through the light its dark flight and the light diffracted colder now shadow,
Shadow on the shoulder of pain
Being on a myth that could begin
Sodom is saving, sodom is destroying
Hate cut by rope burn what's your memo, uses easy up words on world shares
Tell them all these faces burning someone will discard. It's all honesty.

what's your name
what's your name
what's your name
what's your name

Fragrance of your past turn is in white color
Speaking of color speaking out
Shelter that you left me to die here.
I wish I could of found hope. Hope is all I needed to explore another day
Returning back to say I cannot do that, cannot do this anymore. So goodbye

It's an infeststation
It's a manifestation of
of an infestation again
Leaving a spot over and over
Raw skin feel the taste, feel the weight, feel the hate, feel the love, lost never was

Shot the gun walls are burning there is no sun
Black moon rising
Shot the gun walls are burning there is no sun
Black moon rising

What's to know of my own, my own life?
Wasted for the lies to be with you. Your'e the one I see things through
Oh yeah for all we know the door is closed, the lights are on,
looks like (pee, lala I didn't so!?) The door is closed. The twin stones

Release the lock I lost alot. To the place where the sun comes through and hits your face, changes the light.
A light thats gone out in my closet. Close one why not? Holy remnants whole another time a simple onox
Broken back feel it back, puked up all lie, if my understanding its all the same to you

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    General CommentThis was my favorite song off Mythmaker. I just love the way that bass comes in like a tidal wave of crushing emotion... No idea what it's specifically about though, but it seems to follow the general ideas of the album, of manipulation and trust and relationships coming to an end... I sort of get the feeling it's about a secret that is making someone guilty ("It's and infestation..."). I could be way off
    CleansedFoldedManipulatedon January 12, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI'm tending to see some biblical imagery that is kicked off by the key phrase "sodom is saving, sodom is destroying", to set the scene in the wake of the fresh destruction of sodom and gamorrah. We've got a black moon rising, no sun, god's done rained fire and brimstone and Mr. and Mrs. Lot have split the scene.

    Now according to myth, Mrs. Lot makes the damn fool mistake of looking back at the destruction as they split town, so of course god turns her into a pillar of salt. ""your past turn is in white color""

    So in my interpretation, here we have man and woman in the wake of total disaster. The woman is an immobile object, tied to the past. The man is leaving her behind as the smoke clears, and in the spirit of scripture to go get drunk and screw his daughters.

    It's an interesting distinction, sodom is saving/destroying. God saved Lot and his daughters, but also destroyed a hell of a lot in the process.
    autoerraticaon March 29, 2011   Link

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