Almost ran over a man a few hours ago
never saw him coming he moved so slow
in his army jacket and VA wheelchair
holding a sign up in the air
the light turned green maybe if he stood
I woulda seen him just over the hood
but it's hard to stand with one leg gone
he apologized then he moved along

I turned left on 6 right on cherry lane
where the paper mill she gets her name
my daddy worked here and I did too
learned what a decent wage could do
lost track of all the for sale signs
folks'll take a look but then decline
'cause they don't need paper from here no more
get it cheaper down at the wal-mart store
I don't think I can take it anymore

Theater in town used to pack 'em in
we'd hold rally's there when the boys would win
I can hear the echoes driving past
navigating through all the broken glass
name your poison you can get it here
we got entrepreneurs and auctioneers
get your syringe at the five and dime
fix yourself beneath the bush/cheney sign

Used to be music coming outta the bars
now it's broken heads and stolen cars
old joe wasn't waiting for the wrecking ball
he started the fire in the bathroom stall
insurance fought him tooth and nail
but he got his money before he went to jail
now the drinks come with the pimps whores
and the barkeep with the running sores
I don't think I can take it anymore

Kids with one eye open at the bus depot
checking on the wall for someplace to go
used to join the union now they join a gang
oblivious to the harangue...
that their mother hangs on the kitchen wall
she can't be home as you may recall
job number 2 starts at 5am
and tomorrow she gets up and does it again

Started stocking shelves for uncle sam
that's sam walton for those who don't understand
there's plenty of work to get 'round here
hour's wage get you a six pack of beer
there's an old man greeting people at the door
served his country in the second world war
takes so many pills...not sure what they're for
says he won't accept a handout that's for sure
I don't think I can take it anymore

Heard the president talking 'bout the war
somebody asked him what it was all for
oil started running down his nose
wiped it with the flag and the whole world froze
next day all those with true beliefs
starting carrying red white and blue handkerchiefs
wiping their snot on the infidels
alternating between prayer and the rebel yell

Jesus may save but he's late getting here
when their ain't nothing left at least the coast is clear
it's not like we're very hard to find
just follow the track 'till the end of the line
red state blue state beggar man thief
just sign right here and you can get relief
another local boy died in your nice little war
if all else fails I can join the corps
I don't think I can take it anymore

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