Poets paupers princes kings
all looking the other way
some running outta places to hide
some running out of things to say
fear come calling snakes come crawling
looking for an enemy
things ain't looking all that good
from what I can see

Had a lover once look me in the eye
and say boy....we've got it made
then she went and hung my crucifix
on the outside of the shade
said I'll be your whore behind the door
but I won't do it consciously
has her a reputation to think of
from what I could see

Train pulled out about an hour ago
the whistle never blew
man said it's the sound he always hears
at the outset of a coup
when I pressed him some he pulled out a gun
said "son they'll come for me"
the darkness is a wonder
from what I can see

So I hit the road in a beat up ford
going from town to town
where the smokestacks get hit by lightning
and the houses all fall down
met a preacher there standing in the square
preaching to the enemy
but his cupeth runneth over
from what I could see

Trumpets blaring on the mountains
they echo through the capital
saw it all on the evening news
so now I've seen it all
Jesus came down on a cloud
and had a quick look see
said this don't look like the place I left
at least from what I can see

Met a woman laying prostrate
at the foot of a piece of clay
while genocidal maniacs
they swept her kids away
to the sound of fife and the right to life
she just could not break free
when it's over they sure look dead
from what I can see

Car broke down on the side of the road
was a time of no reply
'till I laid myself down in the passing lane
and a newstruck came on by
and the vultures dove and picked me clean
but approached me gingerly
always in profile
from what I could see

When your head gets filled up to the brim
with all that background noise
and the very thought of rationality
is enough to make you lose your poise
when a backseat hump and a bible thump
give you back your dignity
it's time to reevaluate
from what I can see

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