Viajo a través de la noche
Conjurando un amor
Más fuerte que la enternidad

Daria cualquier cosa
Y eso es lo que hago
Antiguas estrellas vigilan

Pido a los espiritus
Escondidos entre los árboles
Que me regresen tu amor

Yo vago entre las brumas
Agonizando de amor
Despreciado, sin encontrar

Un hechizo de amor para unirnos
Dentro a la noche, y dentro de tu Corazón
Cuando despiertes, en mi pensarás
Oh sí, en mi pensarás

Una llama consume la magia
Más negra que la noche
Los grillos te llaman junto conmigo

En la noche como un rayo
En tus sueños mientras duermes
Es un hecho y tú me perteneces

Lyrics submitted by chrisjudah

Hechizo de Amor song meanings
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    General Commentin case you guys needed a translation, there is a little bit of artistic interpretation on my part since a literal translation would sound strange in some cases, but rest assured this is very accurate

    I travel across the night
    Conjuring a love
    Stronger than eternity

    I'd give anything
    And that is what I do
    Ancient stars watch

    I ask the spirits
    Hidden in the trees
    To return your love to me

    I wander in the fog
    Agonizing from love
    Disdained, lost

    A love spell to unite us
    Within the night, and within your heart
    When you wake, you will think of me
    Oh yes, you will think of me

    A flame consumes the magic
    Blacker than the night
    The crickets call you to me

    In the night like a ray
    In your dreams while you sleep
    It is done and you belong to me

    and my thoughts...

    Although it's self-explanatory, and it seems redundant to analyze it...well, whatever, here goes:

    I think it's about the hoplessness one feels when you lose the love of someone you care about and you'd do anything to get it back.

    You don't even care how it is done, you would make a deal with the devil himself as long as you could have that person's love back. It doesn't even matter that the person didn't choose to love you again, you'll settle for a false happiness.
    mybsaccownton June 08, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThanks for the translation. It seems to be a pretty typical tiger army song lol... love, eternity, night :P ya know?
    ijackowiakon October 06, 2007   Link
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    General Commentindeed it's very accurate ...aunque no del todo...
    I wander in the fog
    Dying of love
    Disdained, without finding
    A love spell to unite us (makes more sense)


    A flame consumes the magic
    Darker than the night
    crickets join the calling

    In the night like a thunder
    In your dreams while you sleep
    It's a fact and you belong to me...

    saludos mybsaccownt..

    pedrockon May 01, 2008   Link
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    General CommentOh... haha, this is ironic. I actually just started to like this song a lot after listening it more :)
    I shouldn't post my comments so fast.
    And yes, it does sound like a typical Tiger Army song.
    MissNeuroticon June 05, 2008   Link
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    General CommentOh god, this sounds like shit. I mean, I love Tiger Army, but they should really really stick to english. This just sounds so fucking gay.
    MissNeuroticon May 28, 2008   Link

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