V1 (24)
Oh lord I’m suffering, torn, struggling/
The world’s a gutter with poor plumbing I’m slumming in/
Wars funded by false governments, Whores, guns and when
Everyday is more trouble than the one in front of it
Some of the luster of living will fade/
Hustling for minimum wage, just to fit into my cage, the injustice is killing my faith/
I used for hope for tomorrow, now I just soak and I wallow in death & debt/
Knowing that my child’ll follow my steps/
How you can I rest with a thousand immense pounds on my chest/
How do I keep a clean conscience with god, when my thoughts are a mess/
I could mop it I guess, and ring it out without honest regret/
And still manage to fall to the faults of the flesh/
And on top of all this, the loss of a friend to an awful event/
Shot in the head – when they could have only robbed him instead/
Homicidal intent for 90 dollars & cents/
By a con sentenced to 20 years but got off within 10/
Why in the fuck we got laws to protect all of us, when/
Parole officicers can send a heartless killer walking again/
keep a cautious defense, as some kids are taught to dissent/
They’re born with no natural remorse, and all form of conscience is dead/
And it’s hard to depend on congresses when/
They impose embargos that leave throngs of small children starved and unfed/
Some have called it the end, the last days of this system and times
If that’s the case – it’s a gift for the dying.

V2 (24)
I’m not a humanitarian,
I’m just a selfish fuck like you – looking for ways outta this grave we’re buried in/
I’m not embarrassed – we ALL carry that pair of chromosomes for carelessness
We inherited from our parenting/
But the more I stare at it, The more it becomes glaring… Life isn’t fair is it?/
So why fight what I find impairing?
Shit, when the time’s right, then I’ll die without merit/
No hereafter with it, cause my body and my mind are tied to my spirit/
No divine interference, we wonder why history’s cyclical,
Why the wicked’ll prosper, all while the timid are miserable/
Why is shit so impossible, while for him it’s so typical/
Why do the gospels point to the times we live in as critical/
Now, I’m getting biblical… aww, fuck it – I’m trying to somehow rationalize/
And I’m tired of being so cynical/
My, what a pitiful state of affairs this is/
When you’re simultaneously ready to die and scared to exist/
A subway ride, that was once second nature, is now taxing your wits/
Asking if this, blast really hits, will a casket be fit?
Frazzled to bits, with prescription Paxil and shit/
Trapped in a ditch of a dead-end job, cause you’re two months back on your rent/
Laughing – cause if that shit happens you guess that would be it/
Eyeing every passenger standing, cause that could be him/
So, you sit back and pretend, you’re relaxed and content/
Knowing that if you go today, you unhappily went
But when nothing happens you wince, and the impact makes you glad you exist/
Sadness desists and you miss your family, friends/
As you reexamine your presence, the apathy lifts/
Knowing that in the face of death, you found passion to live.
There’s an equal amount of life within a last gasp and a first breath.
No matter how hard it gets, no one truly prefers death/
And if the hurt ends, you’re sure blessed/
Remember the determination of your first step.
And keep walking. Keep walking. Keep Walking.

Rest In Peace Dirty D

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