Gimme a beat I can freak to, a crowd I can speak to
And one quick, dumb chick who's nice with cerebral
You bootleggin' my shit, and you gonna leak to
Steppin' on your records and your rep, it proceeds you
Your weapons are lethal, you'll leave a nigga see through
And nobody can beat you, uh huh, I know, me too
You need more people, 'cause we don't believe you
You need me to teach you the evils that we do
My flows is water, but I can only lead you
I can't make you drink, I can only make you think
Matter fact, take a seat, I'll break it down from A-Z
And walk away with everything, you don't believe? just wait and see
Ain't enough room for this year on my resume
I'm the future but I'm caught up in tomorrow's yesterday
Even though I'm technically a feather weight
My flows weigh heavy on your mind, the pressure make your brain levitate
Funny how y'all niggas quick to hesitate, but when the bomb detinate
The body count be too high to estimate
Then the plague marchin in, aint nobody stoppin them
12 Monkeys, lots of timbs, stompin on your mochasins
You're fightin' for your oxygen *Breathe nigga breathe*
Now you got until I count to ten *Leave nigga leave*
I don't give a fuck if you gotta swing from the leaves of the trees
Grow some wings, float away with the breeze
I'm coming back to roost, 'cause y'all had a nigga cooped up
Y'all let them chickens get your noodle souped up
According to your roster, you's an imposter
Faggot, skid marks, in the front of your boxers
Talkin 'bout what you chopped up, before you got locked up
But you're singin' an opera as soon as the cops come
But people are not dumb, you ought to get a job
Then you can rap about all the water you mopped up
*Who's the king of New York*
To each his own, you can keep your throne
Every time I speak a poem, leave you with your speakers blown
Every single thing you hear me say on records, we condone
And I leave your dome smoking like Cheech & Chong

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