Drink to the sun
We write to millions
You kill everyone
Around you
Save yourself from...
From the ground you break
And the lives you take

I lock the door
Sit in the dark...
In a room
Still like the sun around you
Don't like the space of
All our space of
And you're just become a word...

Lyrics submitted by Sp4mmy54mmy, edited by AntiReverse

Low Is A Height song meanings
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    General Commentnot sure exactly what this song means...but I think I love the creativity.
    musicismylife926on March 23, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI try to remember that low is a height whenever I'm particularly down.
    Of course, listening to this album always helps.
    I think this one is just a random collection of thoughts and phrases that sound pretty when strung together. But it's very calming.
    and:yeson September 04, 2008   Link
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    General Commentit sounds like "sit in the dark (in a room)" rather than "spinning in the dust (in a room)"... but i could be wrong.
    annieannon June 16, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI always thought it was "you kill everyone/who loves you", but I could be wrong. Although I am not exactly sure what the song means, maybe the singer is talking about a loved one with a mental illness, and how that person is draining her energy. The mentally ill person is resistant to help from others, because he/she "kill[s] everyone". The singer has given up trying to help, so she tells the person to "save yourself" because someone with a problem can only change if they make a conscious decision to do it.
    goddesscarolineon November 25, 2009   Link
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    My InterpretationI see it as being about a powerful, influential artist or musician ("we write to millions") who is destroying themself and everyone around them in their excess ("you kill everyone around you").

    They eventually choose to withdraw from the world and find their inner peace, to stop the cycle of self-destruction they've fallen into as they sought the edge of creativity ("save yourself from... from the ground you break, and the lives you take").

    But after all that, they're uncomfortable with life out of the limelight ("don't like the space of..."), because they still feel its pull and the need to compete ("sit in the dark / still like the sun around you").

    And finally the specter of their former excess just leaves them as almost a public joke, a reminder of their failure even as they move beyond it ("and you've just become a word").
    AntiReverseon July 28, 2015   Link

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