I keep moving
I go from house to house
I stay committed like one foot in, one foot out
I bounce
Yeah I'm leaving this place
Divorce papers falling out my briefcase

Miss Intuition, the half-truth harlot
Got her suspicions, lacks proof but wants it
I've been practicin' grabbin' the noose when the knot slips
Rewiring my mind to make the firing squad miss
And while they're busy reloading I'm decoding
The messages you sent with this key I keep holding
But it's a copy and the lock seems broken
Got me chokin' on discussions I cannot keep open
I'm fully clothed in this cock-tease moment
The last cigarette sits between my lips but I will not smoke it
While it dangled I got strangled by a second hand
Broke the ropes when I held my breath and let my chest expand
Threw the stogie to the lonely hitman for hire
Told him that he owed me, he showed me his hand's on fire
We didn't shake on it - he nodded, I nodded back
He lit the cigarette with his fingertips and dropped the gat
I started walking the tracks you should've tied me to
Waited for a train to hop but stopped to say good-bye to you
When I turned my head I heard what you said
"Murder him dead and try to do it with the girl in his bed"
So I fled
Remembered one should never look back
There's no direction home only blood on the tracks
Stuck in the past
I jetted and left the red footprints
For them to follow headed toward tomorrow
From the flask
That you bought me for my sober anniversary
Her dad tracks my scent, she's got her old man in search of me
He knows where I'm headed, he's been there
King of the home sits on his throne like it's an electric chair
I'm the heir to that domestic death sentence
I see people accepting lethal injections - dead in seconds
They confuse prison for a bed in breakfast
Used their one call on voicemail to see who left a message
Could it be her? Could it be!?
They're desperate
Mad at me cause they lack a strategy for exit
Nobody pregnant, nobody get burped
I got lost on this head trip but won't talk to an expert
My legs hurt cos I've been walkin' with cement boots
Ever since you lured me to the water bed to get cute
She had a wet suit and dry disposition
But couldn't execute that type of mission
It's no small time thing organizing my ending
My book of life's a "Choose Your Own Adventure" with a circular section
You can tell your friends I walked all over you
But you know that's not what these boots were made to do
In fact, you had them crafted at the store
You said, "Baby, slip em on," I don't know what you take me for...
Knew what was up when som'n felt nailed to the floor
And since the key didn't work I kicked my way through the door
I keep moving

I go from house to house
I stay committed like one foot in, one foot out
I bounce
Yeah I'm leaving this place
Divorce papers falling out my briefcase

I keep moving
I go from house to house
I stay committed like one foot in, one foot out
I bounce
Yeah I'm leaving this place
Divorce papers falling the fuck out my briefcase

I am no destination
I am just the journey
So don't go settling on me, love
No, don't go settling on me

Speak of me in your travels
Take pictures if you please
But don't go settling on me, love
No don't go settling on me

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    General CommentThe poem he reads at the end is from Human The Death Dance by Buddy Wakefeild like breakdowngasm said.

    "And I found something here I want you to have, it's not much, just a story, but it's all I got. So take it.

    It's called Dylan. Dylan's drug of choice was "more." So Dylan took more and more and more. Until the day he woke up babbleling in the pool of his own traffic jam. Realizing he is killing off the best parts of himself, and claiming he could read peoples skin.

    When he looked down at his heart flap, it said "boy, go find your spine, and ride it out of here."

    Meohaton November 09, 2008   Link
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    General Commentthis song seems to be about relationships, in particular that point where it becomes serious/long-term, and the suspicions and complacency that comes with being in such a relationship.

    he is also equating getting out of a relationship with being executed, but then I see a switch in his perspective - he sees it as freedom, getting away from being trapped in a dead-end relationship that both people are continuing due to codependency.

    also.."I got lost on this head trip but won't talk to an expert" - the breakup was traumatic but he isn't going for counseling.

    sounds to me like he's seeing the past relationship as a trap - he refuses to be tied down at the same time that he misses the benefits that come with being in a relationship.

    as always, the wordplay and euphemisms are outstanding.
    wildernesson November 24, 2009   Link
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    General Comment"There's no direction home only blood on the tracks"

    This is likely a reference to Bob Dylan. The song "Like a Rolling Stone" has the lines, "How does it feel to be out on your own, with no direction home?", and "Blood on the Tracks" is the name of a Dylan album.

    I think he's talking about Dylan in the ending of the track, as well, in the lyrics in the background. But I can't quite make it out.
    goodreverendon July 31, 2007   Link
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    General CommentGood find ^

    This is what Sage had to say about it on the album's booklet "I could have stuck with you like a tick and sucked without notice. You could have ripped me off like an ex-girlfriend. But then there would be the others. They chant from the sidelines of survival with big sponge hands while they clap for themselves in slow motion. A few cut themselves in secret places and wish that the people who loved them knew them well enough not to. I'll be there for them, as usual, with a suitcase full of Band-Aids to sell. It's a time honored tradition in the way poets are unable to live off their words unless there is some side hustle involved. Those who believe otherwise aren't poets. Those who don't care either way are probably gettin hustled right now."

    So yeah, as always, it's not easy to decode these lyrics, which brings challenge and personal insight to the table, and that's why I listen to Sage Francis.
    maffy06on February 17, 2008   Link
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    General CommentIt might just be because I downloaded it, I know, shame on me
    But at the very end I also hear
    "I found something here I want you to have; it's not much, just a story, but it's all I've got so take it, here, it's called Dylan. Dylan, his drug of choice was *more?* So he took more, and more, until one day he woke up babbling in his own traffic jam, realizing, he is killing off the best parts of himself and claiming he could read people's skin. When he looked down at his heart flap it said "Boy, go find your spine and ride it outta here"
    breakdowngasmon October 31, 2008   Link
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    General CommentOkay, so I found out that it's an excerpt from a poem by buddy wakefield, yet I have no idea what poem it is or where to find it.

    interesting piece of material though.
    Suits the song well.
    breakdowngasmon November 05, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI wonder if, in the end part, the part where he says "he is killing off the best parts of himself" is a reference to the Nietzsche quote “Be careful when casting out demons lest you cast out the best part of yourself.”

    just a thought
    mroberts940on April 18, 2010   Link
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    General CommentCommitophobic. Knows what's up. Sage is speaking as if this embodies his relationships, how he winds up
    connecting, and disconnecting. Things get serious and then the girl becomes a warden. He feels imprisoned in her insecurities,
    and has trained himself to avoid the tough conversations and things that come with settling down. He knows he's damaged, aware that he's toxic, but is stuck reliving the hurtful relationships of before and seeign them replayed in new love.

    As far as inspiration and the reference to Dylan, I feel like this song is almost an hommage to
    "It ain't me, babe"
    randydjackon August 12, 2011   Link

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