definitive verse, no time to rehearse
I've got this game on lock-down, from the last to the first
and when I say that I mean it, yet I express it in jest
to just proclaim my name in vain and revoke it for protest
some call it insecurity or a lack of esteem
when I rescind redundancy to requiem for a dream
while feeding off the motivation I keep hidden inside
too many dissidents have fallen on account of their pride
see, this is not just a vision, this is not an ambition
as far as I'm concerned, this is the only reason I'm living
failure can't be an option, my arsenals are abundant
the demographics demean it, I raise the lyrics above it
so, take your spirit and hug it- I see you with it, I'll crush it
until it's clear that you can never reappear in the public
you're not an activist, you act, because you're so unaware
that those in power are the sources of torment and despair
the knife that cut me bears the blood of the millions without a voice
a nation bound and gagged, forced to praise rights of choice
another year, more money missing, taxed for corporate intents
funding commercial propaganda and every other expense
some have to take a look around before they end up immersed
and some just need to take a stand before it gets even worse
resistance dispersed- some others stick around like the Sage
a System down- we need a renaissance of the Rage
a renaissance of discussion, a renaissance of discourse
the re-ignition of a powerful common laboring force
the opportunity to bond before a host of demigods
raping and robbing a country through their retail facades
a chance to launch an attack against the caste-based class
and secession from industry so our amendments will last
for now, I'll keep it topical and not delve into specifics
saving the Prole to render souls of the potentials prolific
but more explicit, I encompass the true art of affliction
for twenty years I've taken solitude just like an addiction
or an internal ecosystem based upon isolation
in endless regeneration from constant near-devastation
even when lifelong convictions are shaken to the foundations
I switch gears and reappear, absent of all hesitation
so many trials and ordeals that I spent nights awake pacing
and watched a body turn black, meanwhile my soul was adjacent
months of analysis, comparable to life in a box
punching the walls of my prison, until I'd broken the locks
to this day, the fight continues, though the venue has changed
to battlefields of my mentality, both dark deranged
and thoughts that might ended lives within a matter of seconds
have now become my bed sheets in this household of acceptance
just like loss, it may be tough to swallow at first
but in the end, the pain you gain will overwhelm like a thirst
my personalities, be grateful they're not living with you
if you're confused, then here's what this song is equivalent to
it's like a sampler platter, prior to picking a plate
or watching sisters undress and taking one on a date

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