eyes closed slightly
thinking 'bout her nightly
how can I possibly do things rightly
this time around I made mistakes
no intention of repeating them and that's the brakes
but to you its too late, I hear it in your voice
and it seems like you already made your choice
its over in your eyes it's over
cleaned up my act went clean and sober
reinvention, that's my goal regardless
show that I'm sweet and I'm also harmless
times that we shared, some the greatest
its those times that defined and made us
I dote on the happiness smile and laughter
on my knees and I'm asking for another chapter
if the book is full and the end is written
there's nothing I can say to make you listen
song after song with my heart on my sleeve
every time begging baby please don't leave
I need you in my corner, wanna be in yours
but it seems like baby when it rains it pours
even when its cloudy and drops are falling
its your name that I'm loudly calling
'cause even in the rain from skies above
we held each other 'cause we had our love

(we used to play out in the rain
we used to play out in the rain
we used to play out in the rain
you're not something something) <--- any ideas?

times change and so do people
some for good and some for evil
but anything's possible just have faith
that no one wants to repeat mistakes
life is lessons and life is short
some love for fun and some for sport
some love for checks and child support
some just love as a last resort
I love you 'cause you stuck it out
saw me at my worst and drug me out
kept on dragging but I didn't care
and now it's hard 'cause you aren't there
rain fell harder then I expected
drowned myself once things got hectic
lost at sea without a paddle
rain made a river and its constant battle
I remember when we played in the rain
until the rain put out our flame
then the flood stopped but your love was lost
along with all else that was gone in the wash
so here I am trying to part the skies
bring a little sun back to those blue eyes
so the next time that a little rain spill
you play in the rain or just stand still

(we used to play out in the rain
we used to play out in the rain
we used to play out in the rain
you're not something something)

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