"Mind Control" as written by and Stephen/marley Marley....
[Chorus: Female singing]
You're under my, you're under my control
You know you're lost, don't even try to fight
You can't escape, I rule you day and night
You're under my, you're under my control

Been in this rap game since ninety-six
Can-I-Bus, also known as Canibus
And even though that might seem like a short time
I was never known for spitting a short rhyme
I'm known for my ill metaphors and lines
And I'm inspired by that little voice inside
That says, 'keep a strong mind and don't compromise'
Nothing happens before it's time, don't get off of the grind
See the game is cold, don't lose control
All that glitters ain't gold, you could lose your soul
I've been through it before, guess you live and you learn
Everybody takes turns getting what they deserve
It's like a revolving door as far as Canibus is concerned
Please believe it, I'mma get what I earned
As far as getting that dough, and everything else in my career goes
I'm completely in control, come on

[Chorus: Female singing]

Now don't get it twisted, Canibus ain't getting Jiggy with it
I'm just dumbing it down for a minute
Went from Jersey to A-T-L, but then I relocated
Out to Cali on some one-way shit
Bought a cheap ticket and split, I'm in coach sitting next to this chick
With some real voluptuous lips
She asked me if I can help her give her luggage a lift
After that, she wouldn't shut up for the rest of the trip
She said she thought I looked familiar, but she never caught on
I started nodding off, she was talking so long
Put my headphones on, then I went to sleep
Reclined the seat, thought about rhymes and beats
I thought about how I spent so much time in the East
And how my mind was never at peace
In the streets, if you want to find that yellow-brick road
Paved with gold, you just gotta take control, come on

[Chorus: Female singing]

I stepped off the plane, never want to sit in coach again
I can't deal with the neck pain
Seen some guy holding up a sign with my name
What's up my main man, where's baggage claim?
Took the elevator, I was physically drained
The chick from the plane said, 'bye,' and started to wave
Man, I'm just happy to be in L.A.
Got my release papers from Universal/M.C.A
Now it's time to get that real paper, shake off the haters
They can't break us, we Gladiators
World famous, my name is on the mind of all of the majors
Canibus is outrageous
Fans sing along when I perform on stages
Or when they hear my songs on they two-way pagers
They can't front, 'cause I broke the mold
And took a little time, but now I'm in control

(Female vocalizes the harmony until fade)

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