Stench of solvent covers stench of rot. I didn't even recognize her. Like a painting, a masterpiece torn to pieces and set to flame. Her own cells turned on her, now her skin is yellow like the wildflowers in July. She asks me how she looks, and I tell her that she's as lovely as the vultures, as pretty as the larvae of the fly.

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Rotten Yellow song meanings
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    General Comment* 1. I will attempt to describe each song of Pig Destroyer`s Phantom limb individually and as a whole because it`s a themed album.I will mark the song with a number and( * ) to indicate it`s from the album Phantom Limb.
    Rotten yellow ; begins with a eerie sound sample possibly from a movie,sounds like some one being exorcised as a priest repeats " the body of Christ",or perhaps a Catholic communion in process.Then a little boy or girl whispers; "mommy they`re coming."foreshadowing the brutality of the following 14 tracks.
    It is important to note that the story of this song is not the beginning of the story of the entire album.This whole album is like a seriously sick movie and this song starts either in a morgue where she already is dead or a hospital where she is about to die from cancer or the 'accident',lets go with the first for now.He describes her when he sees her for the first time when he comes out of his coma.She is dead and she smells of solvent used to cover up the dead burned rotting smell.He says he didn`t even recognized her-"like a painting a masterpiece torn to pieces and set to flame"She was in a serious accident,she got torn and burned.She is starting to decompose - "Her own cells turned on her"He compares her yellow skin with wild flowers in July.Then this is freaky whether you consider the girl to be still alive or dead."She asks me how she looks"she`s concerned about the damage she took."and I tell her that she`s as lovely as the vultures as pretty as the larvae of the fly" what kind of sick man comforts his girl with such a comparison?Those two creatures are creatures that feast on dead flesh.He believes she is still alive even though she isn`t.In this song we not only see the character`s pain but also his slide into insanity.-See Jupiter`s eye the 2nd song.
    MynameisAnonymouson June 29, 2011   Link

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