I be the headbanger with the double-edge razor
The breathtaker, dragon slayer slash savior
Assassinator, flame thrower, fascinator
My dagger blade cascade in Castlevania
Captivator, spectator, activator
Palladium's packed, they pay me a stacks of paper
Aggravated assault, halt the batch of strangers
The strangler, long ranger, the devil devastator
Educated rebel with the heavy metal flavor
Levels is elevated to decibels of danger
Volts from that generator blow the detonator
Decimate the place unless the radio's a crater
I came up to the greater entertainer
A blade thrower mangled with the energy of anger
Celebrate the main knot, I mutilate later
And play a naysayer like a amplified bass player

The Riders of the Storm enter when Doors open
To bring raw dosage in the form of swarm locusts
Beatles and Birds that seem evil and absurd
Gather with The Eagles that swerve to form herds
Butterflies made of Iron ride the horizon
Giving Credence to the Revival of Poseidon
Who feeds in the Clearwater, you feel slaughter
But love crafts of abyss, the horror for tomorrow
Zombies and walking dead stalk the Talking Heads
Insects with open legs halt with awful dread
All along the web the thread remains rare
With bloodshed that led to where the little feet flare
To lost places, thoughts lost for all ages
Where slow faces sit on the wall with tall (?)
That overlook the 13th Floor with long gazes
Connected to the earthly core through elevators
Check it, the Underground is made of Velvet
Where buttersoft brothers talk tough on max but ain't sell shit
Every crack of the rap ain't the Elvis
My Aqualung Cultivates the Blue Oyster shellfish
I design my Blurs before swine
And form rhymes that take you to a world before time
Where living things coexisted with Crimson Kings
Who on the Moon's Dark Side painted pretty things
That illustrated lessons conceived by the Mothers of Invention
Who also built the Stairway To Heaven, it's a present
Only to be stolen by a Thief, the Judas Preist
Who unleash his devil magic
My mental fabric too thick for Lenny Kravitz
Who imitates Jimi Hendrix in every facet
Semi-Automatic Rap Heavy Metal Jackets
Kill with mathematics to build with Black Sabbath

Lyrics submitted by lolofoshosho, edited by Mellow_Harsher

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    General Commenthaha well i guess this was edan's way of letting us know what bands they think define rock 'n' roll
    vulgaron May 24, 2007   Link
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    General Comment"Where living things coexisted with crims and kings"

    It's "coxisted with Crimson Kings. Ya know,like...King Crimson.
    man on tvon March 10, 2009   Link
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    Lyric CorrectionHello, whoever wrote these lyrics: you did a good job and gave me a lot of ideas for words I couldn't quite understand, but I think you missed a few bands and words yourself. Check my interpretation here:


    and thank you for your help! This song is so freaking awesome
    2xUeLon January 27, 2011   Link
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    General CommentThe first line in Edan's Verse should be: "The Riders of the Storm enter when Doors open"......You know...Doors... Riders of the Storm....
    RebelBase47on August 04, 2011   Link

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