Dance with me
For I'll be leaving soon
The afterbirth on the keypads overwhelm
"Did he who make the lamb make thee"?
Help me find its origin
In a cartoon house
In a cartoon car
There are cities buried underneath our cities
"Let the people be free" it's all around us
Let the people see we so obviously had another hand And so separated
How can I feel or act like I've made this when I so obviously had another hand.

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    Song MeaningThis song is actually what it's called: a mandala (albeit in audible form). It is just a few ideas that are designed to get the mind thinking about high level ideas, just like a mandala is designed for meditation and spiritual teaching.

    Here is a breakdown of the different thoughts (they remind me of kōan):

    "Dance with me / For I'll be leaving soon" - We only have a short time here so spend it with other people and enjoy them.

    "The afterbirth on the keypads overwhelm" - How technology has changed how we live (new generations are now born with it).

    "Did he who make the lamb make thee"? - Can someone that created good have also created evil? (This is a quote from a poem that asks this ["thee" is a tiger])

    "In a cartoon house / In a cartoon car" - A look at the meaning of material objects - in the grand scheme of things worrying about houses and cars is like worrying about cartoons.

    "There are cities buried underneath our cities" - We are who we are because of those in our ancestors and we should be thankful for what we have because of the work of others before us.

    "Let the people see we so obviously had another hand And so separated / How can I act like I've made this when I so obviously had another hand." - No one is alone in this world or in their accomplishments. Don't forget all the support that you have been given from whatever the source. Be humble in your success and don't forget to help others, as you've been helped by others.
    x7Kuroneko7xon August 29, 2011   Link
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    General CommentThis might sound crazy, but I get this feeling this song is about...human existence and outside influence. Haha I know it sounds weird, but I've always wanted to know there's something else out there and we never got to where we are today on our own. "How can I act or feel like I've made this when I so obviously had another hand."
    sunsetxshootouton April 11, 2009   Link
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    General Commentthis ones about someone leaving someone, and they helped them alot but act like they did it on there own, in a cartoon hosue and cartoon car implies fake things because tehy didnt get them on there own, and there cities buried underneath because behind the successful one is the person that got them there that their not acknowledging, hes sayin let it be known that they were helped by someone else that left them, and they cant act like they did everythin on there own because its so clear someone helped them greatly(i know he doesnt write about saosin but it kinda sounds like it in this song how they dont really acknowledge him and think theyre famous on there own but its prolly not cuz hes deper than that
    MIripper99on May 19, 2007   Link
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    General Commentthis song sounds so good it's unbelievable.
    human_after_allon May 24, 2007   Link
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    General Commentto the person who commented above me...shut your pie hole.
    circa_survive_greenon May 28, 2007   Link
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    General Comment'circa survive green' you need to calm the eff down.

    this song is sooo amazing! i love how the intruments seem to collide in the beginning.
    showyourteethon May 29, 2007   Link
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    General CommentYou know...I think it may really have to do with religion. How can we as people feel so accomplished with the things we do if we think about how much of a hand god played into it? If god made us then he gave us all that we have. Circa Survive songs...meant to breed questions.
    Radb707on May 31, 2007   Link
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    General Commenti love this song. i got my order in the mail today :)
    Neamh Suilon June 01, 2007   Link
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    General Commentthis reminds me of the passover in the old testament..
    "Let the people be free" it's all around us
    Let the people see we so obviously had another hand--
    meaning let the sea part, etc.. and that it wasn't just "god" persay who split the sea, but some other hand did...
    also, the lamb=lamb's blood over the doors..
    i don't know, just my opinion
    needyousomuchcloseron June 03, 2007   Link
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    General CommentIm not really sure about the entire thing but the "did he who made the lamb..." is a direct quote from William Blake's poem The Tiger. The poem asks if the same creator of the lamb (which is talked about in his other poem, The Lamb. yeah, he went all out with them titles!) which symbolizes purity and is compare to a child and to Jesus, craeted the tiger. which is pretty much the opposite. So with that in mind and "help me find its origins" its seems like he asks for help on finding out who created all good and evil. if its the same God? different one? whatever it maybe. he just wants to know.
    And Existentialism I think plays a HUGE role in the new album as well as in this song. It’s the belief that we as human beings have full responsibility over creating our own lives, futures, and identities. So that explains the whole Cartoon thing. Since we created it all. It’s just a cartoon. I guess he’s just questioning how he/we can create our lives and have free will. When God knows all and pretty much predetermines our fates... Sort of off subject but I came to the conclusion that life is like a multiple choice answered test. God wrote out all the possible answers, from the smallest detail to the biggest. But we decide every answer we’re going through with. If you read up more on Existentialism you’ll see how it might have influenced a lot of the lyrics on this album. Thanks for reading. Hope it made sense!
    MaintainHymnon June 05, 2007   Link

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